Revlon Mistletoe

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Oh my gosh guys I have so many draft posts it's not even funny. I'm trying to condense things down into a huge spam post and then I'll post collections together so hopefully I can get organized soon! I hate clutter... Anyway, today we've got a wintry polish.

OMG THESE HEADPHONES WILL NOT STAY IN MY EARSSS WTFFF. They're those annoying kind with the little caps on them, they're just round and they don't really seem to have any way of staying in one's ears. Usually I can get them to stay by twisting them in a certain way except I just took a shower so I guess my ears are slippery and they won't stick. This is so annoying. Just thought I'd share.


Revlon Mistletoe. I did a bottle shot a la Fingers who always takes pictures in random places. So this picture is on the edge of a birdbath.

Oh, and I also dotted Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond on the tips. Hopefully I will be posting all of my prisms in a single post soon... Anywho, it's a really awesome effect so you should enlargen the sun pics. Or you know, all of them.

2 coats. Mistletoe is a murky charcoal/brown/green polish with some gold shimmer that's slightly muted by the base. Quite interesting, as mistletoe is not exactly what I would associate this color with, but that's okay.

The formula was nice (I think, gosh I don't even remember when I wore this) but it didn't dry as shiny as I wanted it to. I put two coats of topcoat on but for some reason it just wasn't working for me, so I just let it be.

Okay, on a completely unrelated note, why did nobody ever tell me how hot James Dean was? I just saw East of Eden last night and I'm pretty sure he has ruined all other males for me.

*sigh* I rest my case.


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