Wet n Wild Believe Me, It's Real

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So Wet n Wild is a great cheap brand, but one problem people have is not being able to find certain awesome collections. Luckily, I managed to stumble upon the Ice Baby collection and snag a few. The first I'll be showing you is this beauty:

*edit* I found the Ice Baby collection at Walgreens, in case anyone's wondering. Also, from the jelly sandwich poll I took the other day, there is a tie between 3 and 5 so I'll do them both! I'll probably do most of them eventually anyway, though! *end edit*
Wet n Wild Believe Me, It's Real

1 coat of the Wet n Wild over two coats of a nameless blue shimmer (I'll be showing it to you soon). Believe Me, It's Real is very densely packed with small blue glitter and larger purple glitter.

I really like this one, the blue is deep but rich and bold and it twinkles nicely. The formula was nice, it covers well and easily. Honestly, it's pretty shmexy. I was admiring my hands a lot, as it is quite flattering. I even asked it if these jeans made my butt look fat, and it said no. *crickets* Pretend I never attempted a joke there.

Some of the glitters in the Ice Baby collection are dupes for Nails Inc. Special Effects glitters, I know this one is a dupe but I don't know the name of the Nails Inc. One. Also, whenever I type Ice Baby I keep thinking:

And also this:

Word to your mother.


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