Merry Christmas

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Okay, you get two Christmas manis today since I didn't post yesterday. Lucky you! First up I've got some lovely Christmas skittles

On my thumb is a-england Tristam, index is the NFL Saints polish, middle is Elianto Racing Green, ring is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City, pinky is Orly Emberstone.

I've seen this design on many blogs so I can't give credit to anyone in particular. I really like this design, it was easy to do and come on, it's adorable.

Also, I think that I now love foils. I used to think foils, especially metallic colored ones, were completely meh. Here, let's use some visuals.

How I used to feel about foils:

How I feel about foils now:

The gold NFL polish and Celeb City are just freaking awesome. They're so sparkly and FANTABULICIOUS. And they're so flattering, too... looooove them. I need every foil in existence now.

I have some awesomer Christmas nails that I did for today, except freaking Blogger is being stew-pod and not cooperating with me. So I'll have to show you those tomorrow. It'll prolong the Christmas joy!

Anywho, I'll also show you my Christmas haul tomorrow. So how was your Christmas? Get anything super awesome?


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