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Beautiful Wreck - Shawn Mullins. I seem to have quickly become inexplicably obsessed with country music. Not just any country music, though: I don't want Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton and Shania Twain, I mean those unknown yee-haw country guys who sing about trucks and fishing. And this country song, which is a little more sophisticated.

Are you one of the people who believes that the world is going to end in 365 days? Here is an article that might make you feel better. Or maybe worse, if you're into the whole apocalypse thing.

Oh my GOD yes. Girl scout cookies are awesome. Samoas are indeed the best kind. Coconut + caramel + chocolate? Ugh. And in bark form!?!?! I DIE.

How about some holiday-themed Lynnderella polish?

I really want to do this but I probably wouldn't be able to deal with how ridiculously time-consuming it would be.

Have you ever wondered about the 100 most beautiful words in the English language? Well there they are. My personal favorite (lachrymose) isn't on there, but I am fond of effervescent, lagniappe, and panacea.

I think I could actually do this! My friend Anna makes shirts and stuff using paint, but that's too time-consuming for me.
These are some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. Just to give you an idea of why you should look:
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