Wet n Wild Cost Is No Issue

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So today I have the second polish that I bought from the Wet n Wild Ice Baby collection, Cost Is No Issue.

Before we get to the bottle shot and everything, I've been trying to take artsier shots for my tumblr, because I feel like everyone on tumblr is effortlessly artsy and hipster although in actuality it is extremely difficult to take artsy shots when one has to photograph one's own hand. But I try.

This is far too yellow...my eyes are much bluer and so is the polish.

And now for the non-artsy stuff. Here is the delayed bottle shot:

Oh look, an artsy one snuck its way in here!

1 coat over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear The Real Teal, since it pretty much matches the glitter in Cost Is No Issue, which has small turquoise glitter and larger blue glitter, as all the shades in the Ice Baby collection are comprised of small glitter in one color and larger glitter in another.

The formula was nice, and the brush was fantastic. I love it, it's not pro-wide or anything but it's super full and fluffy which is my favorite kind. Kind of like a squirrel tail, except not, because I'm pretty sure trying to paint your nails with a squirrel's tail would piss the squirrel off and that would make it extremely difficult to paint neatly. And then a bunch of squirrels would be running around with colorful tails, which would be pretty but probably an environmental hazard. So that's not a good idea.

Tomorrow I'll have the last one that I got from this collection, and then I won't have to keep reminding you of Vanilla Ice because if you're anything like me that song has been playing in your head every time you read about these polishes. It's getting a little old.


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