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I'll get to the title later. Today's post has a lot of pictures so I'm using as few words as possible (which is going to be hard for me but I'll try).

The NOTD for me was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Caramel Frost (another one that I borrowed from the lovely Meg).



Err. Natural middle of the room light?


I have some pictures of this in really bright sun where you can see the shimmer, but apparently Blogger hates them because it said "server error" when I tried to upload them. So, those are out of the question. Two coats, no problems, like the color. It is kind of frosty, so be warned, but I happen to like that look. I don't know why I like colors like this, but hey. Speaking of liking colors like this, I'm pretty sure that it might be dupe-ish for this polish but I haven't done a comparison, and I don't really think I'll bother because Caramel Frost is probably DC'd and the other one came as part of a whole makeup kit and I don't think they're commercially available, so it wouldn't really  matter. Whoop whoop. Anyway, this is getting to be too many words. I'll stop now.

So I went to Ulta today, which was dangerous since I'm on a no-buy, but I decided that anything that wasn't actual nail color was okay, so I picked me up some Matte About You and NOPI Quick Drying Drops since I didn't want to risk shrinkage or the like with Seche Vite. Also...

It was on clearance, guys. $5.99 for the set! Come on!

They also decided to just have EVERYTHING I could possibly be lemming. Sally Hansen crackles, Essie Resort Collection, Orly Halley's Comet, Galaxy Girl, and Space Cadet, Essence Forget Me Not, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and THE ENTIRE SALLY HANSEN LE LINE. DEAR LORD. I mean, none of the colors really grabbed my eye, but the sheer fact that they were ALL THERE was pretty awesome.

And now! For the best part of today's post: I tried my hand at frankening today! Eep!

Here's my lovely setup:

I wanted to try to get rid of my greens and oranges, because I absolutely hate those colors and I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them. I was going to try them into turquoises and corals because I absolutely love those colors!

Here's everything I did:

This actually had a little shimmer in it, that doesn't really show up.

A nice dusty greenish blue.

It looks more orange, but in natural light it's definitely coral.

This one I wasn't sure about, it's fuchsia with a little bit of shimmer.

And this is a dark bluish green with shimmer.

So... I didn't have many bottles. I had one almost-empty Sally Hansen topcoat bottle and one bottle of CND super matte topcoat that wasn't matte (boo, hiss, CND. Do you hear me? I'LL NEVER BUY ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS BECAUSE YOUR STUPID MATTE TOPCOAT WASN'T MATTE!!! Phew. Anyhow.) so I poured them into an empty horseradish jar just because it was the smallest thing I could find. Here's what I created...

Look a little familiar? I'm hoping it'll look a little something like this, and I've tentatively given it the name "Back Off, Audrey"

I also made the dark green shimmer, which is suuuper pretty. I haven't thought of a suitable name yet, but I'll tell you when I do!

Frankening is super fun, guys. Tomorrow I'm going to go to the Container Store and hopefully find some little bottles that I can use to put polish in, and I also need some mixing balls because these were a heck of a lot of trouble to get thoroughly blended.

So! Like what you see?


  1. The swiss collection looks lovely! :) & Caramel Frost reminds me of a polish I have, but a lot frostier!

  2. Lol at your name, back off audrey! What I do for frankening is buy WnW clear polish, usually on sale for 69 cents, dump that clear polish into a bigger empty jar I have and get to frankening! Plus the clear WnW can still be used as a filler in the frankens. Hope this helps!

  3. @Vintage: I sure hope they're lovely, because I broke my no-buy for them! Lol but yeah, I think they're very pretty. And I seem to gravitate towards weird almost-nude frosty colors, which most people hate. Ah well, I've always been different!

    @Leslie: Thanks! I was quite proud of the name haha. And that's a good idea, I'll probably do that.


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