Rock Star From Mars

1:18 PM Laura 5 Comments

 So I wanted to do something glittery today and there's never a bad time to use a Charlie Sheen glitter polish, am I right or am I right?

 Icing Rock Star From Mars. I think this is kind of a "fluffy" polish, which means that a lot of polish is used up in just one manicure. I had to do pretty thick coats to get it to any kind of opacity.

Outside, shade.

Outside, sunny.

Inside by a window.

Inside, just... in the middle of a room... yeah...

This is three thick coats. I know it looks pretty VNL-y, but it doesn't look that bad in real life.


I think this is really pretty. I thought I was going to wish I had done underwear, but I actually liked the squishy light blue effect, which was even prettier with the gold glitter. It's not extremely sparkly but it's really nice. I can't recall ever seeing anything like this before.

And I made a small haul yesterday, I'll go take pictures of it right now and edit them in! Do you think this Charlie Sheen glitter is hawt? I am totally digging it.


 From the dollar store I got a nail buffer, LA Colors Sea Siren, and a quick dry topcoat. From Walmart (ick) I got Wet n' Wild Blue Moon and Night Prowl (I thought this looked like Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance minus the bigger glitter, we'll see how it shakes out)

From Sally's I got nail polish thinner, China Glaze Strawberry Fields (I've been lemming this forever, I LOVE the Beatles so I had to have this), two little Sally Girl cuticle oils (they were on sale for 39 cents, I might have to go back and grab a bunch more. They smell a teensy bit like orange).

Why yes, that does look like hair dye... I guess you'll have to stay tuned.

Okay, I'm done fo realz this time. Over and out!


  1. omg yes the blue Charlie Sheen stuff is my FAVORITE. It looks absolutely deliiiicous!! It also seems like it would be soft to the touch if you know what I mean
    like matte
    man I am horrible at this lacquer lingo stuff.

  2. Yeahhh... you see things kind of weirdly, lol. But I'm glad you like it!

  3. That nail polish looks nice, but 3 thick coats? I'll pass..

  4. Indeed, it's a bit of a bummer but you could always use an "underwear" polish, like a light blue, underneath, that way you wouldn't have to layer it on so thickly. :)

  5. LOL @ "squishy" and "underwear". You have such cute polish terminology. :)


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