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Before I get to the NOTD, Let me show you the first look at my frankens! Just so you know, they're all crappy pictures. Also, I've decided to start bolding polish names just to make things easier.

This is Back Off, Audrey. This picture makes her appear too green, she's much more like For Audrey by China Glaze (hence the name)

You can see some shimmer in the bottle, but it really doesn't translate to the nail. Looks nice, though!

This is Run, Forrest, Run (because it's forest green, get it?). There's shimmer in here that is visible on the nail, but it's kind of sheer, so I'm not sure what exactly I want to do with it. It's pretty though!

Can you see the shimmahhh?
This is Pretty in Pink (yes, all of my franken names are going to have pop culture references). The shimmer would not cooperate with the camera, but it's definitely there on the nail.

Yeees theeere it is.

Anyway, I'll work my way through them starting with Back Off, Audrey which I'll be wearing tomorrow. Making frankens is so much fun!

So today's main attraction is Revlon Royal. It's a deep, deep blue jelly, and it's absolutely gorgeous. 

My camera spazzed at it's beauty and was not able to get a single picture that wasn't either color inaccurate or blurry.

In real life it's at least three shades darker and there's no VNL. I used 2 coats.

It is extremely gorgeous. I cannot rave enough about this. Just get it. If you see it, grab it, hold onto it, and sleep with it under your pillow at night.

So I must give credit to the ever-wonderful Anna who lent me Sephora by OPI Just a Fairy-Tail.


Outside, sun

Outside, shade


Sometimes it looked kind of like the galaxy manis that people do, so that's where I got the title of the post. This stuff is freaking awesome. It's got silver and blue sparklies in it and they're so freaking wonderful. It's like the opposite of microshimmer. Macroshimmer? Who cares, it's flipping awesome. Could I maybe say that one more time? Flipping awesome. Do you guys get the point yet? I'm feeling a little repetitive here. Rather unfortunately, I promised to return this to Anna tomorrow. Moral of the story: never make promises.

On a completely unrelated note, I got my legs waxed today. Eee! I thought I might as well tell you guys about it in case anyone is considering it, not to mention I just like talking. I went to the European Wax Center and it was nice and swanky feeling. The wait was less than five minutes and my waxer had the thickest accent I have ever heard, lol. She was super nice though, so it was okay! First she sanitized my legs, then she oiled them, then she baby-powdered them. She was explaining things but I only really understood half of it, oops. Not gonna lie, it was a wee bit painful, but she quickly rubbed my legs after ripping the wax off to dull the immediate pain. The true, searing, wince-inducing pain only lasts for about three seconds, and then it dies down to a gentle burn which is pretty bearable. All in all it only took about twenty minutes. I have really sensitive skin so my legs are still pretty red and bumpy, and there is a leetle bit of hair left over, though it's not visible, but I can feel it when I rub my legs. Jury's still out though, since I can't judge accurately until the redness goes down, so I'll fill you in (if you want to know)!

Anywho, if you've got thoughts on any part of today's post, you go right ahead and tell me about it!


  1. Ooooh, I love the pink!! And the blue stuff is really pretty. It's like... cobalt blue. A Dory from Finding Nemo type of blue. *swoons*

  2. Epilation ftw. And my polish is really pretty you guys! It really isss. Not to mention, it was on sale.

  3. Love the shade of the Revlon one & Pretty in Pink! I like that you're putting the names in bold. :)

  4. @Sonia: Whoop whoop, I'm proud of that one. And yesss, it is beautiful. It smelled a little funky though. :\

    @Anna: I bet my waxing was less painful than your epilator. And yes, it's very pretty.

    @Vintage: Thanks! And I do too, I think it makes it easier to pick them out in the mass of text lol.


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