The Great Divide gets Evil-Eyed

7:19 PM Laura 6 Comments

So I'm going to use a funky title whenever I do a nail design, and I'll use a self-explanatory title if I'm just doing a solid color manicure. Everybody happy?

So my lovely friend Meg recently let me go through all of her nail polish and borrow whatever I wanted, since she doesn't use it. Yay! So I'm trying to work my way through those right now.

Today I did a design using two of Meg's polishes.

Nicole by OPI Ink-a-Dink Pink, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City.

I started off painting each hand a different color to show you what they look like on their own. 

First, two coats of Ink-a-Dink Pink. It's a hot hot hot pink with a blue flash. Formula was easy to work with. It reminds me of stained glass... But probably the kind of stained glass that Barbie would have.




Then we have Celeb City. It's silver. Like, uber silver. This is probably the silver-est silver I've ever seen. It's got lots of microshimmer in it and I'm pretty sure you'd classify this is a foil, but I could use some verification on that. Bonus: one coater! No problems with application.




And then the design! I don't know where this came from, I think I'd seen a diagonal mani on the blogosphere yesterday and I'd never tried it before, so what the hey!

(BTDubbs: I took pictures of both hands, left had pink on top and right had silver on top, that's why they're different.)

This is what I did first. I just slapped some tape on and then splooped the silver on.

 Buuut, that wasn't enough, so I used the head of a pin to make some black dots.

Aaand then I added white dots using a Claire's nail art thingamadoodle, just because I could.

Voila! Outdoors


That is all I have for you today, ma petites choux. Chouxs? Or maybe choux is plural. Is that even how you spell it? Am I pluralizing this right? Whatever, I don't speak French.

Until next time, loves!


  1. lol I'm pretty sure choux is plural. And splooped? I LOVE YOUUU
    Also this is pretty. It looks uh mod. Wrong word. Oh well :D.

  2. YAY! Pretty, like always! And title, I approve :)

    Like the colors! ;) (winky face)

  3. I just did a look like this a few days ago, perhaps it was mine that you saw. :)

  4. Why yes, now that you mention it, I believe it was! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This is really pretty! Hope you don't think I'm like stalking you or anything-I'm almost done working my way through all your posts!


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