Mixed Metals: Mr. Sandman visits Celeb City

5:54 PM Laura 5 Comments

Goood evening, people who may or may not exist because no one ever comments. *Makes "awww" motions, á la Stefon on SNL*

It's okay. I'm used to talking to myself.

Anywho. Today, my featured polish is Mr. Sandman from Milani.

Which is why this song has been stuck in my head all day.

Anywho. This is a weird color. It's not gold, or silver, or bronze, but kind of a mix of all of them. I would say it's metallic, as it has some brush stroke-iness which most metallics have.

Outside, sun

Outside, shade. It looks kind of blurry, which is weird, since my fingers aren't blurry, just the brushstrokes...

Inside. Now this is kind of blurry. I don't know why I can't get good indoor pics.


Fluorescent liiiight.

Two coats, smooth application. I like this color because it's really interesting. It kind of reminded me of Bacterium from Illamasqua's recent-ish toxic nature collection. I google-image-searched it and I think they're actually pretty similar. Bacterium is a tad lighter and appears to have a little more dimension going, I would say. I can't compare for you since I have no idea where you get Illamasquas. Here are some swatches of Bacterium from Chloe's Nails. Here is another swatch from Konad Addict. You can see that Bacterium has a bluish hidden shimmer thing going on there.

So it's safe to say that they're not dupes, but I think Mr. Sandman might be a good sub, if your Bacterium itch needs to be scratched (ew).

Aaanyway, that wasn't enough, and since my last Konad attempt was a fail, I felt like I needed to redeem myself, so I did one of the full-nail designs since those are easier for me.

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City for the stamping, aaand I'm not sure what plate. I'll find that later.

This turned out much better than my previous hot mess. It is subtle, but it shows up better in real life than you can see in the picture. I'm actually surprised with how much I like it, since metallics aren't really my thing.

So! That's all I've got for you today. You could always leave a comment about it... *nudge nudge*


  1. Aw! Stefon! Lol. I want you to know that I'm always reading but hardly ever comment. I'm more of a blog stalker! But I know how lovely it is to get comments, so here we go.
    There are def times I'm in the mood for metallics, and I think this combo is lovely! And have you thought about getting one of those "white" light bulbs for your lamplight pics? I swear by them because it takes away that gross yellow tinge. I'm not talking about the expensive ott lights... Just those that specify "clear" or natural light... Anyway, hope this helps.

  2. Yay yay yay! As mentioned previously, this is gorgeous and wonderful and me gusta. So much gusta.

  3. The reason they're "blurry" is because your camera is focusing on your fingers or the bottle, or just somewhere other than your nails. I swear, I'm going to give you camera literacy lessons one day...

  4. @Leslie: I am definitely more of a blog stalker myself. I appreciate the fact that you're reading! And I may have to consider getting a white/clear lightbulb, that never really occurred to me before. Good idea! :)

    @Sonia: Me gusta tu gusta.

    @Anna: I don't have a freaky monster camera like you do! All I can do is put it on macro focus and hope for the best.

  5. It's beautiful laura! As always!!!

    I like the colors, not so sure about the really old seeming song!
    I mean, it's not like they are bad singers but they probably haven't sang anything recently! So how did you have that song stuck in your head? :)

    I don't really know what else to say but I felt the need to comment b/c u asked!


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