Blue Monday

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Hi chicas. I haven't really been in a blogging mood the past two days. I was hoping more people would respond to the Sunshine Award that I gave out. The reason I gave the award to the people I did was because they were people who had commented on my blog fairly regularly and were followers (with the exception of a few) and so I assumed they would see my post and know that I had tagged them. However, only four people that I tagged responded to my post, which leaves me feeling a little, well, blue.

I am by no means a popular blog. It takes time to work your way up in the blogosphere, and I've only had this blog since the end of March. Some people manage to grow their blogs up to 100 followers seemingly overnight, but I don't know how to do that. I try my best: I comment on other blogs regularly, I try to lend my opinion on MUA, but beyond that I don't know what more I can do.

I'm sorry for sounding bratty. I was going to have to let it out sooner or later so I figured I might as well do it sooner, especially because it's Blue Monday and it seems fitting. Well now that's out of the way!

A Polished Touch recently introduced the idea of Blue Mondays, inspired by the ever-popular Pink Wednesdays. I haven't done Pink Wednesdays because I don't have that many pinks, but blue is my favorite color and I have plenty of varying shades to share with you all. Today I've got H&M Deep Sea.
It's tiny, only 3.2 mL.



Two coats. I was hoping it'd be a one coater since there's so little of it, but that wasn't happening. It's a nice color, just a standard medium blue. I personally don't have anything like it, and I can't imagine how there wouldn't be a dupe since it's just a straight creme, but you never know. The formula was nice too, although you can see I neglected to do any cleanup.

It's been raining every day since we got to West Virginia, and since it was raining when I did this I decided it was a good opportunity to do some nail art.

Urban Outfitters Grey 1, Milani Gold Lamé, and Urban Outfitters Purple 6.

I only did an accent finger because I thought doing all my fingers would be a little over the top. I'm really happy with the way this turned out, though I do wish my raindrops were more uniform.

Anyway, that's all I've got for you on this Blue Monday. How ironic, it hasn't even rained today. Sorry for the semidepressing post, I'm in a little bit of a funk, but I'll be back to myself in no time after I eat some Chinese takeout and watch the Bachelorette. Laura, out!


  1. Don't feel sad! I think there are tons of busy people out there who read your blog and then really want to comment but just don't have time! You certainly have gotten a lot of new polishes! Also, I have showed lots of people your loverly hair. Yep, we all think you are crazy!

  2. I have a tiny orange h&m polish and it's sa to see how much is gone after only using it once! :( This is a lovely color, looks similar to OPI What's With the Cattitude? Or ChG Bahamian Blues (Bahamian Escape? I can't remember off the top of my head) don't be blue too long! We love you too much for that!

  3. The accent nail was a nice touch :)

  4. @Meg: You are so cheerful. And you didn't misspell anything! Except for loverly, but I think that was on purpose :P

    @Leslie: I wish H&M made bigger polishes, they don't have to be gigantic, but at least 5 mL would be nice. I am now stuffed with Chinese food and have had my fill of reality TV, so I feel much better. :)

    @Jaded: Thanks. I thought so myself. ;)

  5. I think the accent nail with the cloud was a good idea. It adds visual interest to the blueness c:
    and thumbs up bro don't be sad!

  6. Oo love that blue!

    I am pretty guilty of not reposting blog awards or memes, but mostly because I'm not into that stuff :/ Boo I hope I didn't make anyone sad :(

  7. I was just hoping more people would at least acknowledge it. But it's okay! I've moved past my funk now.


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