OPI DS Reflection

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I have got a stunner for you today, ladies. Really. Pictures cannot do this justice. Also, I got a really crappy bottle shot because I totally forgot until it was all dark and stormy outside and then I was like "Balls, I need to take a bottle shot." So I did a weird one on the window ledge that's blurry and gross. I'll try to get you a better one tomorrow.

EDIT: Better bottle shots! Yay, look at me, being all initiative-y.

Cliiiiiiiiiiick. You can sort of see the rainbowy-ness, but look at the gold shimmer! IT'S SO PRETTY.

Outside, sunnn. CLICKY FOR RAINBOWY.

Outside... sun/shade?



Lamp... Notice anything? It's not grody yellow anymore! Thanks to Leslie for sparking a major "duh" moment when she suggest I try clear lightbulbs :)

Lampy lampy lamp

Lovely non-yellow lamp.

It's just so freaking pretty you guys can't possibly understand this. It's not extremely holo-y like the Kaleidoscopes or anything, it's more like the Milani holos, but good gracious is that not the most gorgeous red you've ever seen? Just. I want to die it's so pretty. 

And! It's a one-coater. THIS JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! Although the last three pics are two coats, just because I thought I should, but it was really totally unnecessary. One coat is plenty, which just makes me inexplicably happy.

Also, I know the cleanup is kind of mnyeh, which is because the paintbrush I use for cleanup is getting kind of blurgh. Luckily I just bought a set of brushes today, so we should be A-okay in no time!

Aaand while we're talking about cleanup, I've been going through a kind of Supersize Me: Nail Polish Remover Edition.

I just finished off the left one and started the right one. I don't have the bottle that I was using even before, but it's even smaller. On a cool note, this Beauty Secrets Nourishing nail polish remover smells fruity. Kind of like fake strawberry? Not sure, but it's definitely better than the traditional acetone smell (as long as you don't inhale directly, then you can smell the acetone. Hey, I just had to be sure!)

Please tell me you think this is as beautiful as I do. Does anyone want to send me all the DS polishes?


  1. This doesn't really have to do with the polish really, but WHERE THE HECK DO I FIND NAIL POLISH THINNER? I swear to God, no one has it.

  2. Jeez, you could at least comment about the polish out of courtesy. But you can get thinner at Ulta or Sally's.

  3. Okay this is really pretty. I biggified one of the pictures and it looks like rainbow cherry ice!!

  4. So jealous. Period. I own not a single OPI DS polish. I shall pout now.

    Hooray for "white" light! I have the Reveal brand ones and they are blindingly white. Lol

  5. I'm sorry, the polish is beautiful daahling. =)

    But honestly, this is like the only pretty red I've ever seen. I usually detest red polish.

  6. @Sonia: Your similes are very pleasing. Keep them coming.

    @Leslie: Aw! Poor Leslie! I'll try to find a way to fix that. :)

    @Anna: Yeees isn't it gooorgeous. And that's weird... I guess I like bright reds, I don't really like blood reds.

  7. DS is so hard to find nowadays, but this is definitely a gem, a pretty one. Looks very good on you!

  8. I know, I almost screamed in the middle of Ulta when I found it, haha! Thanks. :)


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