What Do You Pink of This Color?

6:56 PM Laura 4 Comments

Hmm? You think I should be a color namer at OPI? I have such an uncanny knack for lame, random, and sometimes borderline offensive (Miso Happy With This Color, anyone?) puns? Aw, shucks! You're too kind.

Anyway, this is actually NYC 202A, but that's a party-pooper name.

Another crusty old polish from who knows when.

(totally unrelated-to-nail-polish sidenote: my hands felt dry so I reached for my lotion and I just realized that it smells like babies. Like, a mixture of baby powder, clean diapers, and milk. The brand is Keri and it's the "Advanced" formula, not the regular. I had the regular one before and I really liked the way it smelled, but it definitely did not remind me of babies like this one. Weird, no?)

So yes. Nail polish.
Bright sun! Click on this to see the red & blue microshimmer.

By a window

Outside in the shade - it appears to sort of have a blue flash but this is a lie. My camera is determined to tell you falsehoods. 

Sunny again! Remember to clicky and make biggy!

Here's a kind of medium light picture, I guess. 

I forgot to take a lamp/artificial/fluorescent light picture. Gah! I can memorize names and songs in seconds, yet when it comes to actually remembering to DO something, I fall a little short. Oops!

This is two coats and kind of the worst cleanup ever. Sorry about that. I had spent a lot of time working on something (hint hint... maybe it has something to do with this?) and I was too exhausted to do a good job.

But yeah, for such an ancient polish, this girl still knows how to perform! Good application (though she could use a *touch* of thinner), no bubbling, and good dry time. And look at the red and blue microshimmer!


Yeah. That's good stuff.

So tell me, what do you pink?


  1. I like it! I love pink nail polish in general, and I think you can never have too many pink polishes. :)

  2. Well I pink that pink is a good, classic color for summer and it also goes well on tosies. :D

  3. Just discovered your blog. I have an obsession with nail polish, so loving your blog. x

  4. @Vintage: Tell me about it! The pink/red group in my collection is kind of getting out of control...

    @Sonia: I pink you are correct, Sherlock.

    @Bright Town Girl: Aw, you're making me blush! Thanks so much. :)


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