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I'm back! I couldn't stay away for long, heehee. I'm in St. Louis visiting la familia and I've decided that since I'm on vacation, I'm allowed to break my no-buy as long as it's a brand I've never seen in Houston or if it's a truly exceptional polish. So... what do you know... my first day here, and I find Scotch Naturals. It's a bit pricey at $15 bucks a pop, but I'm pretty sure it's 100% non-toxic or all natural or something. It's safe for pregnant people, at least, so it's pretty not-toxic. The ingredients list on my bottle is pretty short, and it consists of (in this order): water, acrylic polymer emulsion, and non-toxic colorants. So if you're one of those overzealous germophobe mom types, or maybe you're just kinda hippie-dippy (like me!) then this is the brand for you.

I had a hard time deciding between this color and Highland Fling (I was thinking it might be the perfect coral I'm in search of), but I decided I could easily franken a perfect tailor-made coral for myself, and I liked the looks of Leprechaun Lynch.

The lady at the store gave me a little handout that included info about Scotch Naturals.

You can click on the pictures to read about it. Basically it says that your nails should be super "hydrated" for the polish to adhere properly and if they aren't then the polish will be streaky and chip. Basically, "if our polish wears like crap on you then it's your fault, not ours." They also suggest not using a base coat so that the polish can actually make your nails stronger (not really sure how they would do that since they don't actually *have* anything nourishing in their polish, they just *lack* harmful chemicals). I skipped a base coat since I figured it would kind of defeat the purpose of the whole "all natural" idea.

 Snazzy bottle, eh?

Since I'm not in my native habitat I can't take the same kinds of pictures anymore. It was kind of late when I did this so I didn't get any outdoor shots, sorry. I wish I could actually convey this color. It's got just the tiniest, tiniest, tiniest hint of green. It reminds me of a bluer version of Essie Turquoise and Caicos, and it's actually almost neon, but not quite. I've heard some people describe some polishes as a sort of neon pastel, and I think this would fall in that category.

This is two coats, and I thought it would be really sheer because it's water-based, but it was surprisingly opaque. It did have a different "feel" than regular nail polish, I guess, but it's hard to describe. It wasn't bad, just different. It was very smooth and easy to control.

However... right after I took these pictures, maybe about half an hour after I had put this on, I had chips! Dude, not cool. I guess my nails weren't "HYDRATED" enough. So I put another coat on and then put my OPI topcoat on because this color was too pretty to waste.

Overall, I'd say I was happy with this except for the chipping. Not sure if it's worth the $15, though, but I love the color and oh, I forgot to mention, it has absolutely no scent, which is pretty nice since I'm used to having to hold my breath when painting my nails. Also, since it's not made out of the same chemicals as nail polish, you can't use nail polish remover to remove it. The lady at the store told me to use rubbing alcohol, which I did, and it worked like a charm.

And... look what else I got!

 Free prize? Yes please!

...Oh. That's it? They couldn't even stick it on straight...

Anyway. I'll probably be posting every other day or so while I'm out of town, but I'll definitely be posting.

And! I almost forgot to mention, Leslie got my package today! I sent her a mini-bottle of OPI DS Reflection so she could experience the awesomeness. She tried it out here. Go check it out!

PHEW! Okay I'm finally done. Talk to me, peeps!


  1. Oh please do tell what special powers your enchanted unicorn bandages possess?! Does it heal your wounds faster!? Lol.

    Cute polish, I've never seen this brand before either.

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  3. Wow wow that polish looks legit and reallly... idk... vogue. It would have been a great bottle for a snazzy bottleshot :D

  4. Love the colour, shame about it chipping though. x

  5. The bottle is gorgeous, the colour is gorgeous, the chipping is a drag. I thought it was really neat that you use rubbing alcohol to remove it. Oh yeah, and the unicorn bandaids? Rock 'em! (Even if you aren't sporting a paper cut, haha.)

  6. @Leslie: Actually on the other side of the box it says "Made with unicorn tears for extra healing power!" Lol. I didn't even see that. I just saw "Unicorn bandaids" and "Free prize inside!" and I was sold.

    @Sonia: Yeah, it looks really... official. Haha.

    @Bright Town Girl: Yeah :( Luckily since I've put the topcoat on it it hasn't chipped, it's just a shame that doing so kind of defeats the all-natural purpose!

    @A Polished Touch: Yeah, I was really disappointed when it chipped, but at least the using a topcoat keeps it in place. And the rubbing alcohol works surprisingly well, almost better than my acetone works on regular nail polish, which is great! And I will definitely rock those unicorn bandaids like a hurricane.

  7. Oooh that looks so gorgeous! I really want one of those, but they're too expensive in my opinion. :)

  8. @Vintage: It really is a lot more special-looking in real life. And I'm still not sure if it's worth the price or not. It definitely requires a topcoat, but I've had zero chips since putting the topcoat on. I would say this is probably only worth the price if the chemical-free aspect of it is a big factor for you.

  9. I love St Louis-I lived there for 6 yrs, first in the Central West end on MacPherson and then in the loop on Delmar-the arch has a strange pull over me-


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