In the Mood for Icing

8:26 PM Laura 5 Comments

Today I bring you Icing Mood Swing in Stormy/Serene.

Okay, so I'm pretty sure everyone knows that mood-changing polishes don't actually change color with your mood. For anyone who didn't know that, just kidding. Now go back to sleep and wait for the tooth fairy to come.

I started off with one coat, no topcoat. The formula was "eh." I don't have anything good to say about it but I don't really have too much bad to say about it either. It dried matte/satiny as most mood polishes do, and from what I've heard, matte polishes are typically difficult to handle, so I think that may be part of it.


Outside (I think)

My hands are pretty cold most of the time, so obviously cold = stormy. It's a really pretty purple with a turquoise shimmer (love!). I went and ran my hands under hot water to get it to turn "serene." These next pictures suck.

It was a lighter blue than these pictures show, and still had the turquoise shimmer although it didn't show up as much against the blue. I had to try it with topcoat, of course.





In the end it settled on being a kind of blurple color. It was really pretty with the topcoat, I love the shimmer. It's a really unique color. I put a second coat on since my ring finger was dangerously thin, here's what it looked like:

Look, the sun finally decided to come out!

Sorry my post is kind of bland today. My family and I have been helping my aunt move houses, and it's pretty exhausting work. Of course, this did not interfere with her cat Bear's attitude.

Look at his smug little face. Where does he get off being so full of himself?

...Oh. Because he has ninja skillz. Well played, Bear. Well played.


  1. I have this polish and I love it with a shiny top coat. When I wake up in the morning it is such a bright turquoise, but then it becomes more purple once i get up.

    It is also fun to play with when you have hot coffee or ice cold drinks by holding your nail against the cup

  2. I didn't realize Icing had these mood polishes--they look very similar to the ones Meijer & Rite Aid have, but those don't have names, which frustrates me. Not so much that I don't buy them, you understand. :)

  3. Omg, the last picture made me laugh. Cats are so sneaky! And you know, I've never tried color-changing polish before...I want!

  4. blurple color! haha :) It looks way better with a topcoat

  5. @jaded_imp: I love mood changing polishes, especially when you have long enough nails so that the tip is one color and your nail bed is another color. They're so much fun to play around with!

    @KarenD: When I come across polishes without names, I name them myself. It's more fun that way.

    @Larie: Yes indeedy, cats are quite smart. And color-changing polishes are pretty cool, except you usually don't see the color change happen, you just randomly look at your nails and it's a different color! Kind of like magic...

    @Vintage: I agree, the shimmer is amazing.


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