I Desire better Circus Elephants

8:47 PM Laura 7 Comments

Hi guys! Today I've got two polishes for you, Aldo Circus Elephant and Revlon Desire.

And I totally forgot to take bottle shots. Of course. Maybe someday I'll actually remember it for once. Anywho.

I was really excited for Circus Elephant because it was a really intriguing color. Kind of a putty color, but a little pinkish. I think it might be similar to OPI Steady as She Rose.



So. This is three coats. The formula was atrocious. It was really... gluey. It didn't level itself out and it made those weird little stringy things. Do you know what I mean? I'm not really sure how to describe it. Also, the really weird thing was that as I was putting on another coat of polish, it would like... look really porous, as though the layer underneath was full of little holes or something. It was really bizarre. Luckily the quick drying drops I use seemed to smooth it out when I dropped them on, and they didn't end up being an issue. Since I'm right-handed, my left hand turned out okay, but my right hand...

 Yeah. Not so much.

So that was pretty disappointing since I really liked the color. Inside, it was a "putty" color, but outside it was a really washed out, purpley pink. I don't have OPI Steady as She Rose, but you can see a picture of it here at The Daily Nail Reviews. I think they look extremely similar though Circus Elephant leans more lavender-y while Steady as She Rose leans more pink. I'm really hoping thinner can save this one because the color is awesome. :(

Anyway, I could tolerate my left hand but since my right hand was a hot mess, I took it all off and decided I could use something bright, so I put on Revlon Desire. Thank goodness, the formula was an absolute dream.

 Inside. I don't have any outdoor pics because it started to rain.

Two coats of yummy jelly deliciousness. As you can see, it dries to a satiny finish, but since I wanted this to last a few days I put a topcoat on it. It is positively stunning.

It's just so vivid and juicy! It's like a berry sunset on my nails. I am completely in love. Oh, and by the way? Zero cleanup. That's right. That's how great this formula was. This is just awesome. Major kudos to Revlon.

So even though I had one major flop today, Desire more than made up for it. I'm ending this day happy. Are you as into this delicious jelly as I am?


  1. I actually still like the color outside the bottle! It's very unique :)

    I like Desire as well.

  2. Oooh! I like the Elephant color! And ugh I know what you mean by gluey... I did my nails in this lovely wine color but it was all gooey and gross and it looks horrible and bubbly and yeah
    And the pink looks yummy :D

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the Aldo polish, I really wish it was easier to apply as I love the colour.

  4. @Vintage: These were both great colors, it was just the formula on the Aldo that was bleeeh.

    @Sonia: Yeees I hate gluey polish. The pink is delicious, by the way.

    @Bright Town Girl: I got some thinner today so hopefully that will make it manageable.

  5. Thinner??? May I please borrow some?

    (that wasn't an annoying comment right? Don't delete me!)

  6. Wow!!! That pink is absolutely gorgeous!!! :) Sooooo pretty! and bright! and shiny! :D Not really liking the ugly gray thing :\

  7. @Anna: You are extremely annoying. Fine. You can borrow it. Maybe. When I get back. If I have enough left.

    @Meg: Of course you would feel that way.


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