A Magnetic Attraction to Mercury

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Hellooo ladies. If you're ever in Fayetteville, West Virginia (which happens to be one of the coolest small towns in the country. No seriously, it says that on their welcome sign) you need to go to the Secret Sandwich Society. It is phenomenal. I had the Garfield (fried chicken with marinera sauce and provolone on a hoagie) and it was TO DIE FOR. I'm not joking. I'm dead right now. Dead as a doornail (I don't even know what a doornail is, but I hear they're pretty dead). Anyway, you should also go to Pies & Pints (home of the best pizza in the country. That's not their slogan, that's just the cold hard truth right there) and probably just EVERYWHERE. Why yes, I am pimping Fayetteville like crazy, but it's AWESOME. You can go white water rafting and one day a year (the 3rd Saturday in October, I think) you can jump off the New River Bridge (if you're OUT OF YOUR MIND). So yeah. Pimpage done.

I forgot to take bottle pics, yaaaay. Anyway. This is Aldo Mercury, inside.



I think it looks better in these pictures than it did in real life. I dunno. I just wasn't really feeling it. I thiiiiink this is two coats, but it might be one. But I'm pretty sure it's two. Like, 87%. Yeah. That's about right. The formula was muuuch better than the first Aldo polish I tried, Circus Elephant.

Anyway, since my feelings about this polish could accurately be summed up as "meh," I decided to try out the Icing Duo Stick that I've been itching to use.

Force of Love and Magnetic Attraction (that's the one I used).

Voila. Outside.

Aaand this elevated my feelings about this manicure from "meh" to "meh, it's okay I guess." Magnetic Attraction was so pretty in the bottle but for some reason the beauty didn't translate to the nail. I think maybe it would look better over a silver base. It's got big silver hex glitter, and small blue, gold, and black glitter. So it's an interesting combo. I hate black glitter, btdubbs. It just looks like specks of dirt to me.

So since overall today was a resounding "meh," I have something that is totally un-meh to show you.

That's right. I didn't warn you about a feet pic. DEAL WITH IT.

Okay, admittedly my feet look super fat. It's not my fault, I just have wide feet! They don't look that bad in real life, I promise. Anyway, the reason this is super anti-meh is because I have HOLO TOES.

Yes. That's right. Go click on the picture. That's Icing Glamorous right there, that is.

So. Much. Awesome.

So much awesome, in fact, that my camera couldn't handle that. It's at least 77 bazillion trillion times more holo than that in real life. I'm going to wear this on my fingernails on my birthday, because it's obviously super duper special.

And look at my cute little new Vera Bradley sandals! Yay, happy day. My feetsies are stylish indeed.

Well, that wraps us up for today! I am feeling refreshed and back to myself again, as you can probably tell. Life is so wonderful! It's amazing what holo polish and new flippy floppies can do for a girl.


  1. Three things:
    1. Baww I really wanted a bottle shot of the first polish! The bottle looked really mod and fanastic!
    2. I have no idea what you're talking about. That sparkly stuff looks fantastic. I am coming over to West Virginia, getting a sandwich there, NOT jumping off the bridge, and stealing that polish.
    3. Your toes look wonderful! It looks like icing omg!

  2. I love this post ...... you sound so excited and happy u got me in a good mood .... love the holo toes I need to try that ... although I don't hv any good holograpic polishes booooo ........ nice flippy floppies ....

  3. @Sonia: It looks exactly like the bottle for Circus Elephant except different polish. Oh wait... I forgot the bottle shot for that one too. :D

    @Polish AMOR: Thank you! Such a nice comment. :)This one is a pretty good holo, I would recommend it. It's my first "real" holo.

  4. i nomited for some awards... :)

  5. @Vintage: Don't you though?

    @Polish Amor: Thank you so much!

  6. i should have gotten that icing tube glitter when i had the chance. i have to drive an hour, to the next state, for the nearest store :( you weren't kidding about the welcome sign! i googled "Fayetteville West Virginia welcome sign". neato :)

  7. I can never tell a lie! And if it's meant to be, you'll come across that duo stick eventually :)

  8. I need that Aldo polish in my life. x

  9. I think it's just not my type of polish. However, I actually think it looks kind of similar to Chanel Black Pearl, so if that's something you like then maybe this would fill the hole in your heart!


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