Maybelline Heather Perle

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Today I've got another one of Meg's polishes. I bring you...

The computer is being a buttface and won't let me rotate the picture. So. 



I. Love. This. Color. So much. It's so gorgeous, a slightly muted, dusty red with a hint of violet. I did two coats, and I THOUGHT it was dry, but...

duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh *SCREEEEAM*


I put another layer of Heather Perle on in the morning when I saw the horror that my sheets had inflicted, which made it shinier again but still kind of denty. :\

But it's still pretty, riiiiight?

I've also been messing around with my stash.

Here it is organized by color in little mushy piles. As you can see, I have mostly blue/teal closely followed by red/pink.

And here it is organized by brand. I would recommend biggerizing this picture so you can see it better.

Top row: CG Boundless Color, AL, and Revlon
2nd Row: OPI and Nicole by OPI
3rd Row: China Glaze, Orly, Sinful, and Sally Girl minis
4th Row: Milani and NYC
5th Row: Alllll Sally Hansen
6th Row: Zoya, Claire's, and American Apparel
7th Row: Miscellaneous and Urban Outfitters

Not to mention, I counted and I have exactly 100 polishes now. I find this extremely satisfying.


  1. You are hereby accused of laundering your blurry pictures in front of the entire blogosphere.

  2. lol yeah last picture is blurry. But this polish is very pretty. AND YAY COLLECTION PICTURES YAY

  3. Jeez guys the camera was being doopy. I CAN'T BE PERFECT ALL THE TIME SO DON'T JUDGE ME GOSH! *huffs away*

  4. I'm so jealous of your fabulous collection! Great blog :)

  5. Someone has a little too much time on their hands! ;)
    (how long did this take?)

    or more of... too much time spent on their fingers!

  6. @Vintage Makeup: Thanks! I appreciate your readership :)

    @Meg: Haha, that could have been a pun. Too much time on my hands? My fingers are on my hands? See? Punny? Aaand... I guess the stash rearrangement took about half an hour. I always sorted it into stuff I've blogged about and stuff I haven't (i still have 52 polishes yet to blog about)


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