I know you're going to miss me, but...

7:46 PM Laura 7 Comments

I'm going to be out of town until the beginning of July, and... *pause for dramatic effect* I'm not sure when exactly I'll be able to change my nail polish/get internet access. I know, I know, it'll be hard for you to get through your day not knowing when I'll be back, but I promise I'm going to update here ASAP. I'm going to miss you guys too. I know there's not many people out there reading and commenting on my teeny weeny corner of the internet, but I really appreciate all of you that do. I see people who have gazillions of followers after just a few months, and I feel a little melancholy, but then I remind myself about the teensy little happy family I have over here and eat some Butter Crunch ice cream (you're welcome for the free product placement, Bluebell) and life seems brighter again. So what I'm trying to say is... thanks.

I don't really do sappy, so I'm going to abruptly end this now.

See you as soon as I can find a goshdanged internet outlet,


  1. Have a good trip. Hopefully you won't be away too long. :)

  2. Byeee Laura I wuv youuu!!
    Have a nice time in West Virginia~

  3. Aww..have a safe trip! And Bluebell Ice Cream is the best!!

  4. Thanks everyone! I feel so warm and fuzzy inside...

    So I'm kind of like a heat-seeking missile, except instead of heat I seek internet, so of course as soon as I got here I got online. We should really just plug me into a computer and call it a day. Anywho, I've caught up on all my blogs (you miss a lot in one day, phew!) but I am beat so I'll see if I can get a post in tomorrow. Thanks for all the luuuuv!

  5. I just spent three days without touching a computer--it was very strange for me. :) Hope you're having a great time so far!

  6. Aurala! Sorry I HAVE MISSED SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

    After I got out of school, idk what happened to my kinda normalish daily scheduale soooooo basically I have been busy and then today I was like AHHHH I HAVENT SEEN LAURAS BLOG IN EVER!!!!! So I caught up and was very sad at all the missed comments I could have put up :( but i didnt want to be ackwardly late! :o So here I am, commenting on your little mushy happy family thing that has got me worried a couple days late! jk! ;) Just letting you know, I'm not leaving! I loved basically everything you have done so far, and the NEW polishes!!! That's sooooo cool! and the shoes!!! They are really cute! (Kinda upset I have smaller feet, otherwise I would steal them!) Anyways hope you're having fun!... without me :( I know its hard! I am here.... scooping giant eland poo and sweating about 20 gallons a day... :\ Oh and Buddy & Pearl are wonderful and adorable as ever so I loved on them for you :) (after i took a shower, dont worry) Actually pearly got jealous that I even considered petting little bat kitty so she was hissing :O


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