Frosty the Peachman

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So as you can see, I've been fiddling around with the fonts and background of my li'l ole blog. I quite like nature themes, I must say. I had grown sort of attached to the poppy background but I think I like this one too. Like the new layout?

Today I have a fail for you. I know, probably not what you wanted to hear, but that's the way the leprechaun jigs.

For the second installment in our Meg's Menagerie of Nail Polish series, I picked up Sheer Moonberry from L'Oreal.

I have no idea why I picked this color. I really like mauvey pink colors in the bottle, but then they look like total giraffe poop on my nails.

This is three-ish coats of it.

So other than having a total kick-@$$ name, there's not much going for this polish. I did two coats but that didn't seem like quite enough, so I put another coat on while it was still wet. It didn't bubble, but it did take a heeeeck of a long time to dry. The color wasn't what I was hoping for either. It was a little too murky for me, and not as pink as I was hoping.

Sooo, my darling mother said she likes it when I konad, and because you can't exactly turn down your mother, I decided to try it again. (Konading is not exactly my forte, but practice makes perfect... or so they say.)

I used plate BM08 with American Apparel Peacock for the stamping.

Blurgh! Yes there is fuzz on my fingers because the middle finger of my left hand was being really uncooperative and I had to attack it with acetone-soaked cotton balls. I find I have lots of trouble getting the whole design to transfer onto the stamp and then to the nail. It's mostly with thin parts, such as the intricate lacy stuff you see up there. 

I would have been able to tolerate this except I totally got it all off-centered and crooked on my index and middle finger, and don't even ask about my left hand. NOT HAPPY.

So I removed that as soon as I could and I figured I still needed something decent to show you, so I quickly swiped on this nameless NYC. It says 125A on the cap, though... but that's kind of a dull name. I would call it Peach Frost.

Oh yes. This is kind of a frost. Now, I need to take a moment here to talk about frosts. If you're not a polish blogger, you probably don't know what this means, and you can look at my lovely little Lacquer Lingo page!

Anywho, it's semi-frosty, so I know most people would hate this but frost finishes don't bother me. I actually rather like this one.


I honestly can't even tell where this is

Outside - shimmaaah!

Outside - no shimmaaah :(


Shimmaaah returns!

This is two coats, and I know it's kind of VNL-y, but it's the kind of color that's always going to look VNL-y from certain angles. I really like the way it looks in pictures, but it kind of clashes with my skintone in real life. Sometimes it looks really pale orange, sometimes it looks like a weird sort of nude color. It's got a lovely subtle gold shimmer. I'm sure this is ancient and probably DC'd, because this is from foreeever ago. I don't even know where this came from. I had it before my obsession began, so I wasn't keeping tabs.

Anyway! I feel like I've kind of been rambling. I'll stop now.


  1. How is kick-@$$ in any way cleaner than just saying kick-ass? JUS' LET IT ALL OUT, GIRL.

  2. I didn't think it was that bad! Not like you let anyone get more than a glimpse... :P The light color is pretty! The VNL is annoying, when you can see it but in the 2nd pic you can't tell and it looks really perfect! :)

  3. Oh, and I like the backround switcharo!

  4. I liked the konad, actually.. there was contrast between the blue and reddish color whatever that was lol.

  5. @Anna: I'm just avoiding awkward search-engine stuff.

    @Meg: I'm so glad you're picking up polishy terms and like the background :)

    @Sonia: It looked a lot better in the pictures than in real life...


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