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Okay guys, so, as far as titles go, I've decided that I'll use mostly straightforward titles since they're easier. However, that won't prevent me from throwing in a cheesy title here and there! I'm not going to go THAT boring on you.

Aaanyway, today I have just a plain color for you today. I know, it saddens me too. I kept noticing how plain my nails were! People were like, "Oh, your nails are boring today..." My public needs me! My nails are legendary!

Never fear, citizens! I shall pump up my nails tomorrow! Maybe I should have a superhero name. Lacquer Lady? If you have any ideas, feel free to share. Alliteration is always welcome.

So! This has become quite a tangent. Let's abruptly get back on topic.

Peacock was much easier to capture on camera than African Violet. This one is pretty color accurate, except it's a shade or two darker in real life.

 This is outside, no sun today. Again, it's the right color, it just needs to be a smidge darker. 

Inside, lamplight. I don't have an indoor window pic because they all blurred. Phooey.

This was another one coater. Love! Although one coaters are kind of a double-edged sword because you have to be super careful to cover everything in one coat, especially a dark color like this, otherwise it'll be pretty noticeable!

This was a dark, blue-leaning teal. Although in most lights I would actually say it's dark blue with a bit of teal, it appeared almost evergreen at one point. Can't remember what lighting that was, but it only happened once.

So, this is only my second American Apparel polish, but it's safe to say I really like these! They're super opaque (I tested a lot more of them in the store, so I think this is a pretty safe assumption to make), dry quickly, and wear well. I took pictures of African Violet and Peacock after a full day of wear, so this was good! And I have no idea why, but I really like the look of the bottles. I'd definitely like to get more of these. Hopefully I can work up the guts to wander into American Apparel again...

Also, I was going to compare this to Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Fairy Teal, but I forgot to before I took it off. However, just looking at them in the bottles makes it evident that there are no dupes here.

While Fairy Teal is more of a green-leaning teal, Peacock is more of a dark blue with a little bit of teal.

Phew! After my Cajun Shrimp fiasco I am much more wary and mentally go through my stash to make sure I don't have dupes.

Are you guys liking American Apparel?


  1. Humph! Pretty color BUT
    Meg likes EXCITING titles :(
    ALL the time :\


  2. I like this color. It's simple and elegant. And lol I agree with Meg too; I like the snazzy titles ohohohoh ;D

  3. The snazzy titles will still be here, just not all the time.


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