It could always be worse...

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Whenever a character says that in a cartoon, a piano falls on their head. Bad things seem to cluster together like screaming fangirls at a Justin Bieber concert.

Last night while I was taking my contacts out, I noticed that my reworked version of Gemma matched the color of my eyes, so I snapped some pictures to show you. But this morning, after I had removed Gemma 2.0, and I was going to take new pictures, I discovered that the stupid camera had deleted all of them! What the heck, Casio Exilim? My eyes aren't good enough for you or something? I think you're just jealous!

Then, I was going to use Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle in Precious Pearl.

I was HOPING it would be a nice, clean color for when I was in a mellow mood.

Um, welcome to Sheer City, first stop: Precious Pearl! Ugh. All you could see was the pink shimmer.

So I put a coat of OPI Alpine Snow over it, then another coat of Precious Pearl. However, it wasn't really what I wanted, so I slapped a coat of Silver Shatter over it.

I wasn't really feeling it, and I then proceeded to destroy it while putting pants on. Great. So I removed the whole thing like a madwoman.

Then I went to Buffalo Exchange with some friends. I brought a buttload of clothes to exchange. Mostly they had old, retro-y stuff. But not retro in that "Man, where'd you get those groovy digs?" way, more in a "The power's out in my house, and I had to get dressed in the dark, so I couldn't see what I was putting on" kind of way. But I did find some cute things, so I went up and they looked through all my clothes and then said "Yeah, we don't want your stuff."


"We're looking for really trendy, current things."

Are you SERIOUS? Have you LOOKED at the clothes on your rack? Trendy is the last word I would use to describe your store.

Their stuff wasn't even that reasonably priced! They had some shirts for $17.50! So I refused to buy anything since they didn't take any of my clothes, angrily thwacked everything back on the racks, and huffed out of the store.

Then we went to American Apparel. I've never seen one before, so I'd never been in there. And... it's weird, guys. They sell gold tracksuits. I'm not sure I really understand it. The only reason I went in there is because I saw nail polish. I hastily tested out as much as I could.

Malibu Green, L'Esprit (I think), Coney Island, Peacock.

Passport Blue (over Butter), Rose Bowl (over Summer Peach), Rouge, Mount Royal

I ended up getting Peacock and African Violet, but now I'm kind of missing Coney Island.

And then our car got towed.

So, not my best day.

Since this has been kind of a depressing post, here's my polish drawer. In the front I have all the polish, in the back I have supplies. Whee. I'm going to need more space pretty soon.

Aaanyway, I hope you had a better day than I did!


  1. Your polish looks like happy little people gathered together for...a concert or something. Hey, that works. They're gathered for a Beatles cover band and some crazy Indian sitar music.

  2. Aww bro sorry that your day sucked so much. (village next time, swirll.)
    Should arrange polishes in rainbow order for commemorative funshot.

  3. @Sonia: That's what I was going to do for a day when I don't have any new polish, I was so annoyed that I didn't feel like arranging them, lol.

    @Stompy Boot: Yes! Take a looksie:


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