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OMG. You'll. Never. Guess.

I FINALLY HAVE SILVER SHATTER! AHHHHH! It was hiding in JC Penney's, of all places. But now it's MINE, ALL MINE, MUAHAHAHAHA.


I wanted to do something really splendiferous to make take this silver shatter to the next level. I thought about doing the rainbow thing that so many people did with the black shatter, but I didn't think I could fit that many stripes on my nails, so I decided to do an ombre blue effect, since I love blue and I thought it'd look good with the silver.

From lightest to darkest: Pure Ice - A List, Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Blue Away, NYC - 204A, and Milani - Bolting Blue. I wasn't too worried about perfect lines since I was just going to put silver shatter on it anyway, but the Pure Ice section ended up too big. Mnrgh.







aaand bada-bing, bada-boom.

This stuff is so amazing. I love it. So much. I wasn't sure how I felt about the blue stuff, it looked like it transitioned too sharply, but the more I looked at it the better it got. I painted the shatter on thin so that I would get better cracks, but I'll be experimenting with it more later this week. The formula was pretty nice, I think. I liked it better than the China Glaze Lightning Bolt formula, which is the only other crackle/shatter I've tried. 

It really doesn't matter. Just look at these pictures. Come on. There's no argument you could possibly have against this. It wins, every time.

I am going to marry this polish and have beautiful shiny silver crackly babies. Are you as in love with this as I am?

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  1. This is gorgeous. I love the transitioning blue layer you did underneath ; it really adds interest to your FINGARRRSSS.
    <3 faaabulous darling brosef.


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