Purple Haze

11:23 PM Laura 2 Comments

Yo, home dawgs! Day #2 of cheapo International Festival nail polish is go!

I've named this one Purple Haze. It's actually AL 21.

I've decided to start taking bottle pictures because you can always use more nail polish p 0 r n. ;) (I've gotta type it like that so search engines don't find me for that word! Eep!)

So okay, this turned out to be REALLY sheer. I could tell it was going to be sheer, so I put one coat of OPI Alpine Snow as underwear on underneath, then I put three coats of Purple Haze (ahem, 21) on top.

Outside, sorry it's so cloudy, but we're finally getting rain! Yay!

Inside under a lamp. I was trying so hard to get this darn shimmer to show up!

Here it is in the bottle. It looks slightly more purple in real life, and you can see the glitter better.

So in the pictures it just kind of looks like a purple flash, but it's actually really fine glitter. I think the polish base provides the purple flash, and the glitter itself is mainly made up of teensy tiny red glitter, some occasional teensy tiny blue glitter, and then every once in a while you get a true purple glitter. So overall, the effect is a pearlescent purple. Kind of opal-y. It's nice.

If I had known it was going to be THIS sheer, I would have done it over a purple polish. I like the effect, it's just very subtle.

Again, this stuff stank like crazy. Wear a gas mask.

Tomorrow I have the last cheapo polish! Yay! 

And then... I've got some Sinful glitters. Are you exciiited? I am!


  1. Wow i feel like a downer but i think u inhaled all those chemicals for nothing, u really cant tell its purple....

    annd CONGRATS on the award!!! :D YAY

  2. This seems like a more formal nail polish. Like something you'd wear to a dance or something. Not my favorite, personally ~
    but heeeey! You got it for a buck, at the international festival no less! heehee XD


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