Green with indifference

7:39 PM Laura 5 Comments

Goooood evening, friends, Romans, and countrymen. Today's polish is Gemma by Zoya. I'll tell you what I thought about it after you take a look at the pictures... (there are a lot, I seem to be very indecisive lately.)

These are all outside, I forgot to take any inside ones :( Sowwyyy.

These were in the sunniest spot I could find, because I was trying to show you the shimmer. Gemma was being a real pain in the tuckus, but you can see it if you click on these. (Cliiiiiiiick)

So I was really excited for Gemma. Ever since I saw the first swatches of her, I HAD to have her. I was going to die if I didn't. That blue shimmer, just... *swoon*

Buuut... I'm not sure if I was really feeling this one. The shimmer, when I could see it, was lovely. I had only noted the blue shimmer from what I had seen of it, but there's actually some red shimmer too. However, the shimmer was usually MIA. It's a nice color, just... not what I was hoping for. Sad octopus.

This is three coats, and she dents and scratches pretty easily. Also, my brush was wonky. Instead of being straight across, it was cut diagonally, so that was mildly annoying.

So, kind of a miss for me. Jury's still out, though. I'm willing to give her a second chance in the future.

And my wonderful father has selected Dharma for tomorrow, I have high hopes for her too! Hopefully she won't be as disappointing as Gemma.

Has anyone else tried Gemma? How do you feel about her?

- Laura


  1. Hmm. I think green is just...not meant to ever grace fingernails.

    ...unless you're dark, maybe.

  2. I have Gemma but haven't tried her yet. I like colors like Diddy Mow, so I think I'll like this.

  3. @Anna: But it's so pretty on other people D:

    @KarenD: I hope it works out for you since it didn't for me!

  4. This seems like it was potentially lovely. I like the first two pictures though :D

  5. I love Gemma-it's one of my top favorite Greens!! I guess I'm in the minority eh?


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