Like sands through the hourglass...

9:17 PM Laura 4 Comments are the days of our lives. I'm a teensy weensy bit of a Days of our Lives freak. I mean, it's not like I spent three hours in a Barnes and Noble waiting to get autographs from the actors, which lasted all of maybe thirty seconds, and then I realized I couldn't tell whose signature was whose. I mean, I'm not that crazy. *cough*

Aaanyway, today's Zoya polish is Faye, and there happens to be a character on DOOL named Faye (she just recently died, in case you were wondering). Faye the character was pretty annoying, and also kind of a wimp, so this name just did not match up for me, and it really bugged me.

She just looked so different ALL THE TIME! I took a picture from every possible angle and light source and here's what I got:

Indoors, near a window.

Outside, full sun.

Outside, slightly away from the sun.

Indoors, fluorescent light.

Outside, tried to blur it for a sparkle shot. My camera does not seem to want to cooperate.

It's kind of ridiculous how much gold shimmer there is in this polish. Honestly, most of the time indoors, she looks kind of a goldish rust color because there is so much darn gold shimmer in here and the base color (which is kind of maroony) just sort of tries to fight its way out but the gold shimmer does not want to share.

Outdoors, you can see the base color much better, which doesn't really make sense, but whaaatevs. It's actually quite sparkly outside, my camera is just weird.

This is three coats, nice application, but when I went to clean up she left shimmer all over my cuticles.

I absolutely adore this color outside, but inside, it's kind of ehh. I was debating getting Rica over Faye, and I'm not sure if I would have liked Rica better. Oh well, Faye's nice. She's really unique, so that's good.

So, as long as I'm in blinding sun all the time, she should be stupendous!


- Laura


  1. It's pwetty. And sparkly. Me gusta.

  2. So pretty! Somehow I failed to buy this one when I got the other ones from summer that I wanted, so I had to add it to my exchange order.

  3. Its not just pretty it is gorgeous!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    One of my favs so far! :D

  4. @KarenD: I definitely think it's worth it :) She's a very unique color.


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