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First off, I'll explain my lack of posting yesterday. Blogger was being a total buttface. It's like those people who talk to you on their voicemail to make you think they're there and then it turns out you're talking to no one. Like:

Me: Hey, Blogger, what's up?

Blogger: Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!

Me: So, um, I was just gonna post--

Blogger: Haha! Me too!

Me: Oh, really? Cool, so I'll just sign in now and--


So yeah. It was kind of like that. It said Blogger was in "read-only" mode, and I happen to have no idea what this means. Someone help me? Other blogs had new posts yesterday, but I wasn't able to post... if you're one of those magical people who knows how to defy the internet, please help me.

Aaanyway, for the last day of the cheapo no-name polish parade, I bring you AL 75, which I have re-christened Creme de Menthe.

My camera was being a whiny baby and told me that its memory was full after only three pictures, so I couldn't take a bottle shot for you. I will whip the camera back into shape and we'll be back to normal tomorrow.

Nasty yellow lamplight.

By a window, it was sort of late when I did this so it's dark.

Aaand a lovely outside shot.

I really liked this one, despite its ludicrous sheerness. I used my Alpine Snow underwear again and then did three coats of Creme de Menthe (75). It is a very pretty mint green with golden undertones and occasional silver flecks. I got several compliments on my mani, but that's nothing new. ;)

After finishing up three AL polishes in a row, I think I can say that these behaved very well for $1 nail polishes. The stench, though, was positively noxious. I'm pretty sure I inhaled much higher than the legal level of whatever is in this stuff (there wasn't an ingredients list, but it does say that it's DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free).

This weekend I'll share with you some lovely Sinful glitters! Toodles, dears.

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  1. This is really pretty, like pearls :D
    Best shot = oustide (as always)


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