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I couldn't think of a snappy title for this post, so I just decided to tell you what it's going to be about. Is that disappointing? Do you enjoy the weird titles? Or would you prefer that I use self-explanatory titles regularly? I'd like to know what you think.
 This picture isn't very color accurate. It makes African Violet look much more blurple than it is.

This one's better, but not completely color accurate. It's a leeeetle too reddish.

 Inside by a window



This was very nice polish. I only used one coat! I also really like the way the bottle looks, not sure why. I might have to go back into American Apparel, no matter how creepy, just to get some more of these!

 Then I did this with Milani Gold Lame (too tired to find the accent key. It's la-MAY, not lame.)

 Aaand this with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Fairy Teal.

But these colors were a little too Mardi Gras-esque for me, sooo... I put Sinful's Love Nails over Fairy Teal.

 Inside by a window


So! American Apparel is doing well so far, tomorrow I'll have Peacock for you. I'm excited! Are you?


  1. If you go back to AA, can you buy me some, and I'll pay you back? I LOVE THIS STUFF. It's so opaque and shiny and dries fast. None of those nasty sheet marks after I woke up this morning.

    And accents are Ctrl ' "letter"

  2. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. I don't really want to go back by myself though...

  3. Ah this looks like mardi gras, yes! Very snazzy. But out of season. But wait is this the feathery thing you were talking about?

  4. The title sucks... I disapprove :\


    The thing is cool, i think you could do like an ACTUAL flag, considering today was memorial day, but whatevs this new purple, gold, and blue can b the laura flag!

    o and the two bottles at the beginning are they actually the same color?!?!?

  5. I like straightforward titles--that way I know what I'm getting into when I click through from my blogroll. :)

    I've gotten all my AA polishes through swaps because I don't want to go into the stores & I've heard horror stories about their poor packing when people order online (broken nail polish leaking onto a silk scarf, for instance).

  6. @Sonia: I decided not to do the feathery thing because I don't have a thin enough brush to use to do it. I hope I can go to Michael's and get one soon...

    @Meg: Maybe I'll do a flag for the Fourth of July. And yes, they are the exact same bottle of nail polish. :)

    @KarenD: I wouldn't know about the online ordering thing, but I just got my nail polish and then got out of there!


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