Fairy poop

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Since I'm on an artsy-fartsy kick, I am going to force myself to come up with different and creative nail designs this entire week. I'd forgotten how much fun nail art was. I'm actually a little excited! Whee!

So today's art-fart is tame, but I thought it was pretty.

Also I totally forgot to take a bottle shot. Forgive me, I'm a sad excuse for a blogger. :C I'll try to remember to edit one in later.



Ugly lamplight

Please don't click on these pictures. My hands look awful. There's red residue in my cuticles from Cajun Shrimp yesterday and there's a huge chip in my index finger and little hangnails on my middle and ring fingers that I couldn't even see in real life... but anyway.

I used only one (one!) coat of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Fairy Teal. Let me just rave about this color for a minute. It is gorgeous. Such a dreamy, dark teal... I could get lost in this polish for days. And only one coat! That just makes it fricking amazing. Not to mention fairies are cool.

Then, I thought gold would look lovely, so I whipped up a homemade dotting tool by shoving a pin into on old pencil eraser, and it worked pretty decently. It's like a bunch of pretty little fairies pooped on my fingertips. The dots are in Milani Gold Lamé.

I'll now rave about Gold Lamé for a minute. This is probably the most loved color in my collection. I've used about a third of the bottle, which is a lot for me. It's kind of weird because I've only used it for a full manicure two times, I think, but it's so useful for designs because gold looks good with everything!

Anyway. Not too out there, but it's pretty, I think. You?


  1. We should join forces: your frajitastic nailicles and my stuperific artsy fartsy light box should make quite the pair. Plus, I have accumulated a substantial-ish amount of nail polish since last you visited.

  2. Would you like to exchange something? I need to get rid of Cajun Shrimp. Also, I don't know what frajitastic nailicles are.

  3. Nice combination! I can't say as I've ever noticed Milani Gold Lamé--is it a current color?

  4. This looks pretty. It reminds me of Egyptian princesses.

  5. @KarenD: Thanks. I'm pretty sure it's still available, since I don't remember it being part of a collection. I'm still working on nail polish terms, but I believe you'd call it a core polish, since I checked their website and it's listed there.

    @Sonia: Why thank you, how regal.


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