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Before I get to the nails, let me welcome all my lovely new followers! Wow! My followers have doubled in the past three days, which is really freaking AWESOME. You could always leave a comment, you know... I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself sometimes... out here... all alone... *rocks back and forth*

But. Yes. I quite appreciate all of you being here, you're all beautiful, wonderful people.

So! Today's nails! I promised you Sinful glitters, and have I ever steered you wrong? (hint: no, I haven't.)


SinfulColors (Sinful Colors? Space or no?) Hottie

Drool...... Oh, um. Yes. I have been openly lusting after this color forever. Just... it's so much awesomer looking in real life. Also, the reason I titled this post "Coldie" is because this polish does not scream "Hottie" to me at all. Hottie would be some va-va-voom red polish in my mind, but I applaud Sinful for being totally random.

I considered putting on some blue underwear polish, but I figured the glitter would eliminate VNL in the end, and I wanted to see how it looked au naturel so I could report it accurately to you guys. :)

Outside, shady-ish.

Outside, suuuuunny!

Inside, by window.

I did three coats. While the periwinkle-esque color is nice, I like the bright blue that you see in the bottle, so I would use blue underwear polish next time. This is three coats, it was a little gloopy, but that's to be expected with glitters. Nothing you wouldn't be able to work with. I think it would have been even shinier if I had put a topcoat on it. I've heard Gelous is good for glitters, anybody know anything about that?

This is also rumored to be dupe-ish for OPI Last Friday Night, but since I don't own that, I'll direct you to a lovely comparison done by Lucy at Lucy's Stash: just click riiiiight here. Personally, I prefer Hottie, but I'd always love to hear from you.

Also, I went to Ulta today in search of some silver shatter. They did have the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (cleaned out of Mermaid's Tears, which is what I most wanted) but no silver shatter! WTF, Ulta? I thought silver shatter was part of the PotC collection! ds;lghsdou:Gs;hgfjsg. <-- random frustration letters.

They did have black shatter next to the collection, probably to pacify non-polish-obsessors. I don't have black shatter, I'm a little hesitant about the shatter trend, to be honest. I just can't decide if I like the look of it or not, but the silver seems like something I'd like to try. I do like the look of Kelier crackle polishes (I will again direct you to Lucy's Stash to get a glimpse of the Kelier effect: clicky here), maybe because the cracks are smaller and veinier and kind of creepy looking. It's kind of like this time when I whacked a window to try to get my dog to stop barking at the neighbors and then it cracked all over the place.

Aaanywho, it's really only the black shatter I'm not too hip about. I would like to try the white shatter that comes with Spark de Triomphe for the OPI Grand Slam collection, but they didn't have that either! Ulta, you're seriously dropping the ball here!

Anyway, I was a little miffed that they didn't have anything I was looking for and couldn't bring myself to get anything from the PotC collection, but I couldn't resist the siren song of Cajun Shrimp, and also... *dramatic suspense* DS REFLECTION! OMG! They had some DS polishes at Ulta and how could I NOT get one? They also had DS Classic, DS Mystery, and some others I couldn't remember the name of. I really want DS Original, but they didn't have that. Sadface. Anyway, I wasn't sure if all the DS series were supposed to be holo-y or what, since they're obviously special in some way ($12.50 a bottle! I'm feeling a little faint), I asked the sales attendant and she said that yes, they were all rainbowy, but then it sounded like she changed her mind and said they were "opalescent." Well, thanks. That cleared things up. Since I couldn't really walk out of Ulta into the sunlight to see if it would be holo, I decided I should pick one that I would like even if it wasn't holo, and I liked the looks of Reflection, so I snapped that one up.

Since it was so gosh darn expensive, I'm hanging onto it as a little present for myself when this school year ends, since I'm putting myself on a no-buy for the entire summer, and I'm going to need a little treat.

Phew! This has been a long post. If you have any input, I'm listening!


  1. That is gorgeous, and I think I must go get one! I've been looking for more colorful glitters lately, since I only have silver. I love those strips of glitter polishes, too, but I can't seem to find any nowadays :(

  2. It is quite gorgeous, thanks so much for commenting! :)

  3. Oh man. I gotta say this is seriously one of my favorites. It's like... a bright blue snowy sky. <3


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