Kreativ Blogger Award

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Okay, so I've finally gotten around to dishing out this award to my ten favorite blogs. If you're tagged, you have to tell us ten things about yourself and pass it on to ten other bloggers.

First up is Nail Polish Art Addiction. Leslie is extremely talented, and does the cutest cartoon-themed designs. Not to mention, she's having a food-themed nail art contest that you should enter, AND she has kindly and fabulously offered to send me her beautiful Glitter in the Air franken, as seen here. In short, she is amazing.

Next we have Also Known As. Kellie's pictures are beautiful and show amazing detail. She also includes press releases, so I'm always up to date on the latest hip-haps in the nail hood. Not to mention, her application is PERFECT, never a smear or a smudge in sight.

I have a special place for Chloe's Nails in my heart, since it was the first nail blog I discovered, and opened up the flood gates to a beautiful addiction. Erika uses tape in many clever ways, and is darn good at it! She's also an expert Konader, though she frequently apologizes for so-called "smudges" that are completely invisible.

Also deserving of the Kreativ Blogger award, and the person who gave me this lovely prize, is KarenD from Frazzle and Aniploish. One of the many reasons I love her blog is because she consolidates every new crop of drugstore polish displays into one post, saving us the time and sore feet of trekking around town to do it ourselves. I'm quite thankful for her!

Short n' Chic is a blog after my own heart. Stephanie is witty and entertaining, and I enjoy reading her posts as much as seeing the lovely nail polish she tries. As you probably guessed frmo the name, she keeps her nails short, which I can totally sympathize with!

Now we have You've Got Nail. Jacie takes wonderful photos of beautiful polish. Occasionally, she'll review beauty products other than nail polish, which I quite enjoy! She also brings us the Naily News, highlighting the best in beauty blogs at the moment.

How could I not include Scrangie? Not only did she design a beautiful polish for Rescue Beauty Lounge (click here to see it), but her pictures are stunning and she reviews many polishes that I wouldn't otherwise think of. She also has Makeup Mondays, which are equally riveting.

Nixxy makes me smile every time I visit her blog, Nixxy's Nails. Sometimes I even find myself laughing out loud! Her humorous posts, and the fact that she wears only formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin free polishes makes her entertaining and helpful.

Melissa from The Daily Nail is ridiculously creative and too talented for her own good. She challenged herself to do 365 different manicure designs in 365 days, and succeeded. Now, she does reviews (found here) and of course, her wildly innovative nail art designs.

Last but not least, we have The Polished Perfectionist, AmyGrace. She has some of the most gorgeous hands I've ever seen, and wears beautiful polish. She also bakes, and will feature the wonderful cakes she makes along with the nails inspired by them.

Well, that wraps it up! I absolutely adore all of these blogs and bloggers, they are absolutely fantastic. I hope you like them too!


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