Matte-ly in love

6:44 PM Laura 6 Comments

Gooood evening, folks! Today I have a real winner: Phoebe from Zoya's Mod Matte collection. You can thank dear Sonia for picking this one out :)

A grody indoor picture that makes my hands look really red. I took this after I first put it on in case it got messed up during the day, so the reason it looks so blurg is because I do my nails by a lamp that gives off a really yellowy light.

An outdoor picture, with some tipwear. Seems I was right to take a picture after I was freshly polished.

The application was quite lovely. I've heard that the Mod Mattes are difficult to apply but I had no problems whatsoever. Maybe I got a good batch? Oh well, I'm not complaining! The first coat was definitely very streaky, however, so it took three coats to even out, but it was worth it! I honestly couldn't really see the shimmer. The only reason I could kiiiiind of see it sometimes was because I knew it was supposed to be there. I doubt most people would see any shimmer in it while it was matte.

BUUUUUT.... take a look at this!




Holy shimmer, Captain Obvious! I slapped a topcoat on this baby and she went CRAZY! Of course, you can only really see it when it's in the sun, but WOW is it beautiful! 

Also, you'll probably need some kind of topcoat on this to keep it on. I had to take pictures of my right hand today because an enormous chunk came off of the index finger of my left hand. It made me a sad octopus.*

Anywho, since she was upset about not getting to pick a polish, I asked the fabulous Anna to choose what you would be seeing tomorrow. She picked... drumroll, please... Adina! 

So, do you like Phoebs (I was just dying to use that nickname, it's so much fun to say) better matte or shiny? I'm torn!

- Laura

*So I've noticed several nail bloggers use the term "sad panda." I was wondering if pandas had any particular meaning or if someone just used the term and it caught on. Since I wasn't sure, I decided it was best if I created my own version. :)


  1. IT'SSOPRETTY. Can I steal it?

  2. I've got to get this one out of my untrieds!

    (I think sad panda started out from a South Park episode.)

  3. You most definitely should! I really enjoyed this one. :) And that would answer why I've never heard of it, it's not really my type of show. Sad octopus it is!

  4. OMG its gorgeous!!!

    i like both matte ;) and shiny but personally matte is more interesting! :D

    phoebe was my hamster! (:


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