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So I've seen this thing floating around the blog-o-sphere, and it looks fun! I kinda missed the boat but better late than never, eh? It's a challenge for September:

(click on it unless you enjoy squinting)

If I had made up my mind sooner I could have done Emerald City today, but oh well. So we'll have to kick it off tomorrow with blue nails. I'm excited! Especially for once we get to day 11. Okay, onto the post!

I love Urban Outfitters, but let's admit it: they're kind of expensive. So I usually only end up buying stuff on clearance from them. They recently changed their whole polish line, so all the old stuff is on clearance for 99 cents. Sign me up! One of the polishes I got was Pink 6. Creative name, eh?

Here it is by itself, with the flash on since I paint my nails in the evening.

2 coats. You could probably get away with one, but I did 2 out of force of habit. It's a nice berry color, leaning pink rather than red. 

It dried really shiny. That's the best thing about UO polishes, they dry SO SHINY. The formula on this one was fab. I haven't tried any of the revamped UO polishes, I wonder how they'd stack up...

Anywho, continuing with my art kick, I decided to do something funky.

I did Milani Gold Lamé on the tips first. I started out using a piece of tape to make the lines straight, but that was too much work so I ended up just freehanding the rest. Looks pretty good, eh? Sorry about the boo-boo on my ring finger. :(

Then I just did the same thing with Wet n Wild Black Creme 




Voila! Easy-peasy, and I got so many compliments on this one. More than one person asked if my nails were fake. This one girl literally gasped and grabbed my hand and was like

Why yes. Yes, I am.


  1. Very cute design. The guy's face in that image scares me though. Lol

  2. I love it! The new UO polishes are ahhhh-mazzzing! They're seriously like my favorite polishes out of my whole collection.

  3. I would love to try that polish challenge except I don't have time too, but that super cool that you're doing it! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  4. The end of this is hilarious! That guy's face is the best! =P

  5. @BevyDoll: It is a bit scary, isn't it?

    @Olivia: I keep wanting to try them, especially Dust and that pinkish one with holo glitter. One day I will!

    @Beauty on a College Budget: Me too, lol! I'm kind of just doing whatever strikes me at the moment.

    @Nails by ScarsLikeLace: Hehe, that was a good one.

  6. Love that pink!I'm so into raspberry pinks right now and I only have one raspberry metallic shade in my collection.

    And you're right; you are wizard!

  7. Now this is something really awesome! Never tried urban outfitters polish! But am loving this design! Awesomeawesomeawesome!

  8. Wow, hard to believe you free-handed that, your lines are so straight! You ARE a wizard lol! Very cute mani :)
    I saw this challenge too and thought about doing it just to get my butt posting more regularly. I didn't realize it was a Sept challenge, I was just going to start whenever lol. I might still do that anyways :P

  9. @JJ: Why thank you!

    @Fingers: You should go to one and see if they've got their old polish on clearance! It's really nice. Their new stuff looks good too.

    @Meeka: It was actually easier than I thought, you should have to go slow and keep your hand steady. Nail polish is surprisingly forgiving. I think you should do the challenge thing! Better late than never. :)

  10. Ah that's so cool! I love the color, too - darker pinks are more appealing to me than light fluffy ones.

  11. I didn't even know the challenge was for September :P Whatever, my September starts whenever I feel like it xD

    The polish is a pretty shade by the way!

  12. Wow this is so cool!! I love the pink!! <3

  13. Laura! This looks fabulous! I love it - and thanks for the tip that UO polish is on sale - wonder if there is any left in the store that we have? They have a really small one in a town about 15 miles from me because it's a college town. Thus UO with an Abberc. & Fitch as well - talk about too pricy!!!

  14. super awesome design... and I want to try the chanllenge too but I also feel I'm so late and I want to do the entire thing LOL

  15. You are a wizard lmao
    And you should make a list of reactions you get regarding your nails...


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