Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

7:45 PM Laura 18 Comments

So, today I had to do something inspired by artwork. I've seen some cool splatter paint manis floating around and I decided to go for it. And who is better known for splatter paint than Jackson Pollock?

I started with two coats of OPI I Vant to be A-Lone Star.

So basically what you do is you take a straw, and you dip it into the polish bottle so it gets a film on the end, like a bubble wand when you're blowing bubbles. Then you blow into the other end of the straw and loosely aim for your nails. You will definitely want something behind your nails because it is just as messy as it sounds.
See? This is a giant mess of Ulta Blue Streak

Then I did the same thing with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Co-Bolt Blue (agh the hyphennns! O Sally Hansen, why dost thou torture me so?) and cleaned up the best I could but it took a loooot of acetone.

Out in the sun! Sorry for the awkward chips, this was after wearing it for a day.

My station after I was done. I guess it actually doesn't look too bad, most of the mess ends up on your hands!

So I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I wasn't sure if the whole use-the-straw-like-it's-a-blow-dart thing would work, but it did (for the most part). Yes, this does waste a whole lot of polish, lol. If you think water marbling is wasteful you will DEFINITELY not want to try this. But the way I see it, I have so much polish that I really don't need to worry about using it up too fast, lol.

Are you excited that the 31-day thing is almost over? It was quite the undertaking! I'm getting a bit worn out but it's been interesting. Have you been enjoying it?


  1. This is cool! I do not like messes at all, so this is another one of those things that I will just admire from afar!

  2. This came out nice .... I have been enjoying gur posts for this challenge ....can't wait to see the rest ... almost done!

  3. looks very cool, this is something I still need to try, I don't have a fb but that challenge did seem like it was a huge commitment.

  4. I really like it a lot! And I love the base coat (we live in TX) ;D I would have to get up some courage to do this one myself though. I can't believe you got all that blue polish off your fingers lol you can't even see a hint of it! I would probably have to tape up my cuticles and fingers like I do when I water marble because I'm so slow at cleanup. Great mani!

  5. Love how this turned out. I need to catch up on the 31 day challenge. I am sooooo behind.

  6. Gorgeous splatters. I want to try it, but maybe in my neighbors place so I don't ruin my table or carpet, LOL. :)

  7. I loved this one!!! (:

    But the mental picture of you making it is hilarious! ;D

    I liked the challenge, although it seems to have worn you out a little! :)

  8. I love spatter manis. They give the good look when done well that crackles & shatters don't give! I Van to be A-Lone Star is a good base shade for a spatter mani! I have to keep that one in mind as I don't wear that shade much - esp now in the seasons we are headed into.

  9. I'm a huge Pollock fan. He was my inspiration when I did my first splatter mani. :)

  10. When my blog is off hiatus (SOON WAHAHAA) I am SO doing this, but I'ma attack a cheap toothbrush to do it with instead of a straw, since I'd be too tempted to also buy milkshake... It looks so damn coooooooooooooool.

  11. @Larie: Yeah, it was kind of exhausting. It was difficult to get the polish to make a film, I had to keep re-dipping it. Fleh.

    @Polish Amor: Finally! I've been amassing some untrieds that I really need to get through!

    @beauxs mom: Oh! I didn't know it was a FB challenge! Hmm, interesting. It definitely was an undertaking! But it's almost over, phew!

    @Gypsy: You live in Texas too? Whee! *high five* I think tape probably would have helped, I'm just too lazy. Although it probably would have been worth it! I had to scrub a lot!

    @beachgal: I don't really pay much attention to the seasonal trends of polish, and this one is quite lovely. It's very flattering.

    @Naomi: I've missed you! You were supposed to post every day of September! Girl I know you can do some awesome stuff. And I think a toothbrush probably would have been waaay easier lol. I am holding you to this!

  12. LOL! That's brilliant. I think I may borrow this idea, use a while background and a deep red for the splatters for Halloween!
    I can only imagine the clean up...

  13. So great! Love your inspiration too!

  14. I love this omg. You should do one of the guy that paints squares!!!! :O

  15. So NOT sure you are supposed to be painting your fingers!! I saw this exact pollack thing on another blog doing the 31 day thingy-but they used different colors-I like yours!! Very awesome


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