Day 12: Stripes

7:45 PM Laura 15 Comments

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The return of the tape! My last exploit with tape didn't turn out so well but I thought I would try it again.

I started out with OPI Mermaid's Tears... whiiich I apparently accidentally deleted the pictures of. Gah!  Here are my original pics of it. Hey, those aren't too bad! Anyway, I started with that and then cut the tape into a bunch of teeny weeny little strips and placed them like so:


Then I used American Apparel Peacock for the stripes. Yes, it does kind of take forever. But the result is this:

*angels sing*

Although the tape produces rather harsh lines, and it doesn't look so hawt when you first finish.

*angels abruptly stop singing*

But! There is hope yet, young grasshoppers. The first (or maybe not the first, but it's up there) rule of nail polish is that glitter fixes everything. Seee?





I used LA Colors Treasure Chest. How much better is that!? It was a totally beesh to take off but it was sure as heck sparkly!

A mi también, muchacho. A mi también.


  1. That photo is terrifying. TERRIFYING. Warning please!

  2. Very nice color combo, it Looks so pretty after the glitter! Glitter is the best!

  3. I love AA Peacock! Such a pretty blue! These stripes came out really awesome! You really did a great job! And you're up to 187! How cool is that?!? And yes in this case, glitter did fix everything

  4. Oh man. I could listen to chicken on a raft for hours but I would NOT be able to sit there making those strips of tape. xD


  5. This looks so pretty, I like the colors you chose.

  6. Stripes=1/16 inch tape from TCP Global. No cutting, just rip n stick. It's car striping so not overly sticky. I happy striper now!

  7. The photo scares me.. hahaha :)

    Love them with the glitter! Glitter makes everything better.

  8. The addition of glitter was a super idea!

  9. @Larie: But that would ruin the surprise!

    @Fingers: LOL, someone must have unfollowed me because now I'm at 186! Ouch!

    @Naomi: Yeah, it's a little time consuming. I only do it once a blue moon!

    @denisefh: That's very nifty!

    @Vintage: I enjoy scaring people.

  10. Looks great! Especially with the glittah! :)

  11. OMG! That finished product is amazing! Very nice manicure!

  12. This one is fkrn awesome!!!! LOVE IT


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