Essie Midnight Cami

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Wouldn't ya know... I forgot the bottle shot again... I don't know what to do with myself.





1 coat again. Loving Essie's one coaters! *strokes Essies* my preciouses...

(I tried to find a funny picture to suit this and look what I got:


You better not get between that girl and her jelly. I don't like to think about what would happen. 

I also found this:


I hope that staves off the nightmares of jelly girl. Okay, back on topic!)

Midnight Cami is a very dark, luscious indigo with some subtle shimmer. Inside, some may say it looks black, but we know better. It looks like a really deep, dark pool. Sooo pretty. In the sun the shimmer is amazeballs. I'm not sure why I'm feeling such dark colors lately, but MAN am I FEELING them.

The formula was lurvely. I just... love Essie. I think they might be my favorite brand. 

So I was going to be all artsy and stuff for you guys! Because that's how much I care. And I was even going to make a tutorial and stuff! Here's what I was going for.

So I cut my tape all zig-zaggy. So far things look good.

I put this tape on half my nail and then applied Essie Matte About You over it and pulled it off. Well. Kind of. It pulled part of the way off and then all the little spikes wanted to stay there so I had to pick them off with tweezers.

Producing this. I guess it doesn't really look too bad, but...

O. M. G.

Why yes, I am a little bit on a picture kick. And yes, I will probably be using these as much as possible from now on. I'm so glad we have the web. *cuddles internet*

SO... I decided to do something different on my left hand, the pretty hand.

I put Matte About You diagonally across my nail. I just freehanded this part.

And then I used my klassy dotting tool to make dots with Out the Door so I had a nice shiny/matte thing goin' on.

Here's a lovely picture of it in the sun. You can see the contrast really well in the bright light.

OMG! I made nail art! *does seal clap* AREN'T YOU GUYS PROUD OF ME!?!?!?!?!


  1. That blue is gorgeous! One coat is awesome! I love the matte/glossy thing you've got goin on! I've seen that so many places and just LOVE it!

  2. I just laughed so hard at jelly girl and then was all awe the wittle mouse is sooo cute with that itty bitty Teddy bear just adorable! I'm loving your pics so much fun lol and yes I am proud of your very nice nail art, and that's a beautiful color I love essies too I think I have the most of them then any brand.

  3. I like the last pic the best!! such a cute blue!! Playing with matte about you is always fun lol. <3

  4. That rat photo is adorable. ADORABLE.

    I like the matte diagonals :D So much skill :D

  5. Yay for one coat! Do you know if it's good to stamp with?

  6. You had me in stitches throughout this entire post which isn't really good because it is 1:42am here. LOL!

    I love how you did the diagonal swipe with the matte coat but added the shine back it. Yay for nail art! ;)

  7. OH MY GOD HOUSE! This is by far the most entertaining post I've read in a while. XD No one touches MY sandwich. Also I might post swatches of Barry M's Navy today, it's pretty much a dupe of this, and one of my favourite nail colours of all time. :D

  8. Bahahah I cracked up at the House part. Yeah lmao the zigzags didn't look very good!!! I'm impressed though that you covered it up with matte ~_~ and it looks gooood

  9. Maybe I am rubbing off on you and you'll be joining me on the dark side! I love Cami have had it for quite awhile and it's so awesome! That jelly girl is gonna give me nightmares! 136 followers! Such awesomeness!

  10. @Olivia: Me too! It's weird how the matte topcoat can make it look like a whole different color!

    @beauxs mom: I don't think I've ever gotten a bad Essie! I <3 them.

    @Leslie: Actually I have a post coming up soon where I use it for stamping! It's great for stamps.

    @A Polished Touch: Lol! Get some sleep! I love nail art, especially when it's so easy.

    @Naomi: Woohoo! I'm gettin' my groove on! Apparently Barry M is like the British version of Revlon. Both of them make great dupes!

    @Sonia: I didn't cover them up, I just did it on the other hand. I'm afraid those zig zags couldn't be saved!

    @Fingers: Oooh the dark side! Sounds fun. OMG this is exciting! I love followers.

  11. I like the one with the dotting tool best. I have this shade - it is a really deep indigo - but not so much black that it becomes a blacken blue. It takes holo toppers really well. I like to put Nubar 2010 over it.

  12. Aah, it's such a gorgeous color!

  13. Wow, all this makes me happy! :) more funny pictures plz!

    it was kinda dark, but watever u did with the not shiny then shiny ness was awesome! i demand more!!! :D


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