Day 5: Blue

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The other polish I got on clearance at UO was Blue 1 (you're killing me with these names, UO).

2 coats. Both those shots are out in the shade. Blue 1 is slightly greener and dustier than these pictures show. It's very pretty. It's a jelly-verging-on-creme and it dries extremely shiny (this is without topcoat). 

The formula was wonderful although the the brush was like a mop. Or one of these.

Try painting your nails with THAT

But the application was okay nonetheless. And since I'm trying to be artsy-fartsy I did some stamping with Essie Midnight Cami




I really like the way this turned out! I think I'm getting better at stamping. It kind of reminds me of wallpaper. I would LOVE to have wallpaper like this. These colors are awesome together. Midnight Cami appears more blue than black, and sometimes in the sun if you look reeeally closely you can see the shimmer in it. So pretty!


  1. What a pretty nail look! I seriously need to invest in the konad stamping kit, I want it sooo bad!

  2. Seems like a pretty color!

    And for the stamping pattern; I could not have that in my room! :P On my nails would be nice though :)

  3. Love that blue alone & with the stamping. The new UO polishes have much better names. :)

  4. Love the stamping! At least UO gave the Blue a number--not like F21, where I've gotten like three different colors all called the same thing.

  5. It looks really great with the stamping.
    Also, I just did my first franken, I love frankening! :D

  6. Hahahaha I love those dogs!!!! :)

    I really need to get a nail stamper.. any recs? Nail designs aren't my strong suit. :-p

  7. @Vintage: I got my stuff from Amazon, just search "Konad" and the first result will be the stamper/scraper and the second result will be a set of 21 plates. I got the 21 plates because it's a good deal, but I really don't use most of the designs so it would help to look at all the designs and see which ones you like.

  8. I really like the way it turned out too! Gives me more oomph to pick up some shades that might be left overs at our UO if any left that is - chances are anything really edgy will be gone and some good basic creams will be left if anything. I have so wanted to try their formula. M. Cami - perfect for stamping over this shade of blue - that by the way, has no chalkiness to it at all - nice.

  9. thats some fkrn awesome stamp work u pulled there!!!

  10. Oh man this is such a lovely color. ALSO YOUR BOTTLE SHOTS ARE REALLY PRETTY NOWADAYS


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