And the winners are...

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I won't waste time! Let's get right down to it. The winner of the As Seen in Theatres franken contest is...


and her franken

A Very Smurfy Hangover

And now for the giveaway winner... 

Sui Ling also entered the contest, with her franken

The Lively One

Luckily I had both of these ladies emails so I was able to notify them. Both ladies have claimed their prizes. Congrats, lovelies!

So how about we discuss your responses to the "What can I improve?" part of my giveaway?
1. "I'm not sure - the giveaway & Franken contest are pretty sweet!"
2. "Hm. I can't actually think of anything right now."
3. "I got nothing. I think your posts are fabulous :D"
4. "I think it's great! :D"
5. "I think it's great how it is!"
6. "MMM nothing that I can think of.. I enjoy it just the way it is!!!!"
7. "I'm a new follower, but from what I've seen so far, not much of anything!"
8. "Honestly I see nothing wrong with your style of blogging. "
9. "Keep on posting! you are doing great :)"
10. "I think your blog is great! :)"
11. "Nothing that I've seen yet!  (I'm a fairly new follower)"
12.  "I love it, so I really don't have any suggestions. Sorry :("
13. "Can't think of anything!"

I say: You beautiful people! Thank you so much. :) You make me feel all warm and squishy, like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Mmm.

1. "Urrr...uhmmm...friend my blog?  (haha)"
 I say: Eek! Sorry, I'm trying! I follow as many blogs as I can, but since I've got more followers now it's harder to do. I'm a lot more likely to check your blog out if you leave me a comment to show you care, though.
2. "maybe the design, a bit more funny"
I say: Ouch. I change the design periodically, and it's hard to be funny all the time. I don't want to be disingenuous. If I'm not feeling funny, I don't force it, because it never works.

1. "It could use a face lift, maybe some liposuction. AND ANNA PHOTOGRAPHY. DO I GET AN ENTRY IF I SHOOT GOOD PICTURES FOR YOU?"
2. "Write yourself reminders on your bottles of nail polish to take a bottle shot xD"
3. "MORE CAKE. Nah, tbh, I think the blog is brilliant :D just need more people to be aware of it and follow. :D"
4. "umm i dont like the little motto right now, change it with the backrounds! somehow the "buttload" of glittery nail polish jut doesnt appeal to me! ;)"
5. "Get it to make cups of tea for each reader."

I say: I love you guys.
1. "I like when people do tutiorals.  I'm not the best at doing nail art/frankens and I enjoy seeing how others do it."
2. "Even though I love swatches, I'd like to see some manicures done by you, maybe even a tutorial :)"
3. "Post more nail art designs/tutorials/tips rather than just swatches."
4. "umm umm umm... definitely more things that aren't just swatches. I keep coming back for your unique writing style, and you keep posting plain old swatches! Not that your swatches aren't gorgeous, but I know you can make wonderful designs :)"
5. "I hope to see more interesting posts on nails, especially nail art"
6. "hummm...Konad!"
7. "Include more art ;) Not just swatches. Or maybe do wear tests with your swatches?"

I say: I hope you would all agree that I've improved! I've really been trying to do nail art, especially with this 31 day challenge thing that's going on now. Tutorials are surprisingly difficult to make but I'm trying the best I can to take some pics along the way.

8. "Sometimes your font is hard to read for us old folks"
9. "I'm certainly not a blog expert... If I had to pick ONE thing I might suggest a font that's a bit easier to read. It isn't bad to begin with at all, though!"

I say: All fixed! Better? :D

10. "Maybe adding more specifics about the polishes you swatch like what collection they are from and whether or not they LE. Also, maybe discuss the application.  I always like reading those types of things.  It helps me decide whether to make a purchase."
I say: Well, half the time I don't know the collection, but I'll try to remember to look it up and add it in! I do try to discuss application, though. :)
11. "More reviews about girls stuff."
I say: Well I'm not sure exactly what this means. Makeup? Because I don't really wear makeup, and my real love is nail polish.
12. "I don't know about improve, but I like seeing haul posts, collections, and tutorials."
I say: I don't haul very often because once you start it's hard to stop, but whenever I do I'll try to remember and post it! I could definitely show you guys my stash, though. :)

13. "I'm not sure... possibly more polishes per blog post?"
I say: Well see, I've got this system worked out. I wear one manicure a day, I've never done a swatchfest like some people do where they set aside a day to just sit and swatch as much polish as they can. So because I post daily, I can't post more than one polish a day because then I'd have a deficit of posts. I know some bloggers get whole collections and post those all together, but I can't afford that and don't want to bother PR companies about it, so I can't do that!

14. "A post about your most used colors and other products (top/base coats)
would be cool!"

I say: That's a good idea! I change up my base/top coats a lot but I could make posts about what I'm using currently.

PHEW! Okay, I hope I satisfied everyone! I'll have to post both days 17 and 18 for the 31-day challenge tomorrow.

Once again, congrats to the winners!

**EDIT: I forgot to add earlier, if you want to know how many votes you got, then email me, since I don't want to post it here and hurt anyone's feelings.**


  1. Congrats!!! What a very good entry

  2. yeppi! I'm in the constructive comments :)
    thanks for this great giveaway and congrats to the winners :)

  3. Ahahaha. Had I known you would post these I may have used a bit more filter.

  4. Wow, you got some great feedback! Ha, more cake, that's funny! Congrats to the winners!

  5. Oh, and triple rainbow ALL THE WAY!

  6. Congratulations to Leslie, she made a gorgeous franken :) And congratulations as well to Sui Ling! I'm kind of glad to see that the giveaway winner had also entered the contest.

  7. Congratulations to the winners! :)

  8. Congratulations to the winners! :D Also, loving that my comment made the 'funny' section. X'D Tbh all in all, I disagree with the anti-buttload-ers. I'd never heard that term before this blog and tbh, to me it's YOUR word and it defines you to the point that one of my friends has said it alot recently and it guaranteed I'll have to see if you've posted anything new, even if I checked 5 minutes ago. xD
    One thing that I should have said in the questionnaire actually was that I find you tend to post later in the day, and me being my typical nitpicky English girl, I'm normally asleep by the time you post, which means I have to wait till the morning. ;[ But I don't expect that to change :P A six-seven hour time difference depending on where you are in the US (I dont know my maps at all XD)is quite hefty, I'll just be patient. BUT ARGH. IT'S SO HARD. xD

    And a note for those that find it difficult to read, try holding CTRL and pressing the + button twice, it'll zoom in. :D Although I do approve of the new changes. XD

    ...Another note (I'm commenting as I read, can you tell? XD), alongside the base coats etc, I think you should mention products you do and don't recommend for general awesome nail upkeep and the steps you take. :D

    Woah. That was a long comment. xD If you got to the end of it then;

  9. @ptitemeve: Most people were very polite and fell under the constructive category, which I'm very appreciative for. :)

    @Anna: Well that is your lesson for next time.

    @Tera: Hey, you actually read the little comment-blurb!

    @Meeka: Me too. That was my hope in giving the contest entrants two entries in the giveaway.

    @Naomi: Okay, I'll keep the buttload! I'm glad it makes you think of me! I post in the evening because... well I don't really know why, but it just seems right to me. But at least you have a post from me to wake up to! And I think I'll do a nail-product post after I finish the 31-day challenge thing as a breather!


  10. Wow, I'm flattered that you thought my base/top coat post idea was good. xD
    I look forward to seeing it!

  11. Yes, I did, Laura! I don't know why but it caught my eye, I saw triple rainbow and couldn't help it. Have you played Pocket God?


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