Day 21: Red + Awesome nail mail!

7:45 PM Laura 15 Comments

Well today is a humongous fail so I'm going to breeze through it, but it'll get better, don't despair!

So I was supposed to pick a color for a theme. Since I always do blue/turquoise, I decided to do red.

I started with 2 coats of OPI Cajun Shrimp

It's pretty awesome.

Now, I had cool plans for this but I don't even remember what it was at this point. Long story short, I ended up just slapping on OPI I Eat Maine-ly Lobster and Revlon Cherry diagonally.

In fact, this is the only picture I took of it.

But! A package that I have been waiting on for quite a while finally showed up! It's from SINGAPORE! I won a contest held by happyberrynaiad and the prizes can be summed up in one word: FABULOUS.

Here they are in their snug little bubble wrap

Voila! De-sheathed.

This is Etude House Cocktail Syrup Nail Kit

Here are the instructions on the back. It's basically a gradient kit. The glitter is very pretty!

This is Elianto Racing Green. It's SO PRETTY.

Holika Holika Star Khaki. This is approximately 5 billion times more gorgeous in real life.

Make Up Store Linnea. O. M. Geezus. It's got these greenish/red flakies with this shimmery and WOW it's beautiful.

She also included extras! Some hair cream stuff, and some Etude House skincare stuff. Including a pearl extract mask! How cool is that!?

This was my first contest win, and man was it the best contest to win EVER! I am so freaking thrilled. This might be the best day of my life. Except I have to wait till I finish this dumb 31-day challenge to use it! Urrgh! But my preciouses will be waiting for me.... *strokes polish*


  1. So pretty! Cajun Shrimp is such a beautiful color.

  2. Congrats on winning those fabulous prizes!!! :)

    Hahaha MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!

  3. I love the mani! And amazing nail mail you are so lucky!

  4. You should have told me you were in a contest! That's exciting! I would have voted.. but I guess you didn't need the help!!!

    You should show us what the mani you won with was! :D

    and the red wasn't THAT ugly, just not beautiful!

  5. LOL @ "dum 31 day challenge" hahahaha.. i vote you take a break and show us Make Up Store Linnea :D it looks so beautiful!!

    congrats on winning :)

  6. wow that was an awesome giveaway to win... :) buahahhaha last sentence hillarious!!!!

  7. ;O To be honest the diagonal nails are super pretty. :O And OH MY LAWDEH. FLAKIES!

  8. Look at all those pretties! The syrup kit is most intriguing.

  9. HOw cool are those bottles? I love seeing different bottles and brands from around the world! The mani is cool!

  10. Nice mani and congratulations on winning the competition. :)

  11. Love the nails! Congrats on winning the contest. :)

  12. *___* Whoa holy COW you lucky duck!! Is that stuff ...Korean?

  13. Cajun Shrimp is an awesome name. And an awesome color. And yay for goodies in the mail!! I love that.

  14. @Meg: It wasn't actually a contest contest, you just had to guess the nail polish that was used in a mani/pedi and I guessed correctly. :)

    @Maria: I am very tempted to! It's super gorgeous.

    @Naomi: They're like lava. It's awesome.

    @KarenD: I'm interested to see how it'll turn out! The glitter looks nice, though.

    @Fingers: Asian polish bottles are so much cooler than American ones! They pay so much more attention to the design.

    @Sonia: I'm not sure exactly, technically it's from Singapore but I'm pretty sure the brands are mostly Korean.


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