Days 10 & 11: Gradient and Dots

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Today I have to catch up on the challenge for Days 10 & 11. Let's start with day 10, gradient nails.

What I used: Sally Hansen Blue Away, Ulta Blue Streak, Revlon Royal, OPI Roadhouse Blues

I started with Blue Away

Then I taped off the bottom and did Blue Streak 

Next Royal 

And finally RHB



I don't think these are technically gradient, probably more ombre (how do you even say that?) but I had this idea in my mind and I wanted to do it. Now for polka dot nails!

I started with Essie Turquoise & Caicos

Then using my ghetto-fabulous dotting tool I made rows of dots, alternating with Sally Hansen Fairy Teal and Finger Paints Scenery Greenery.





These are the only pics I have, this mani got totally demolished the next day.

Sorry this post has been rather abrupt and humorless, but today isn't the day for jokes.

Here and here are some powerful but heartwrenching photos if you want to look. I don't want to get too emotional but there's no way I can't acknowledge this painful anniversary. I hope you are all safe and well.


  1. Love the polka dot nails!

  2. I love your gradient or ombre whatever it's called it's beautiful, an I love your polka dots they're cute t&c is one of my favorites, such a fun challenge.

  3. Ombre sounds like ombray. :)

    I like your stripes and dots. :)

  4. Those are both super cute!
    Good job!!

  5. Speaking of blues, do you have Orly Royal Navy? It caught my eye at Ulta, but I have never tried Orly. I like your blue stripes!

  6. I think ombre is pronounced like the Spanish "hombre". =P Or at least that's how I say it. :) Very pretty ombre/gradient, anyway!

  7. Think it's pronounced ooombray. It's really cool I love it! Wish I had your dotting talents!

  8. These are both really nice manis, I especially like the gradient one.


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