Days 22 & 23: Inspired by a Song and a Movie

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Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday, I got home late and was exhausted and I figured no one would miss me too much.

So aaaanywho, the first order of business is nails inspired by a song. I actually have two things to show you for it, and they're both frankens. The first one is a fail, the second one is slightly less of a fail to try to make up for the former.

Anyway, they're both part of my Beatles-inspired franken endeavor, and the first is called Octopus's Garden. 

There's the inspiration, and here is three coats of this lumpy mess.

It actually looks okay in these pics, but it was so lumpy in real life! The base also made the glitter look darker than I'd like. If I can figure out how to make the glitter lay flatter that would be wonderful but I don't know how. :(

The next song-inspired franken is All You Need is Love.

*Sigh* I love the Beatles so much!

As you can see, all the glitter settles at the bottom. Badly.

It was supposed to be a white base with gold shimmer, except the eyeshadow I added for the shimmer didn't really work and some of the red glitter bled a little bit so it's more of an ecru-pink. I think this one would be improved by the addition of some all-over sparkles, I think I might need to add some store-bought stuff to it.

Anyway, day 23 is much better! This is also a franken, one of the first ones I made. It's inspired by a fantastic movie.

It's definitely in my five favorite movies. This franken I bequeathed Run, Forrest, Run!

click for the awesomesauce shimmer

click. You will be amazed, seriously.

It's slightly less fantastic in the shade, but still pretty.

OMG guys it's SO PRETTY in the sun. I don't even remember what I put in this, cause I didn't write it down but it might be the best franken I've made. This is one coat layered over Finger Paints Scenery Greenery.

It's just got this fantastic multicolored shimmer... it's even prettier in real life. Seriously.

So, how'd I do? I'm about ready to give up on glitter frankens since they are super hard to do! Somebody help me!


  1. The Run Forest Run is really pretty. With regard to the glitter frankens, have you bought any floating media? It's more expensive to use it than just do a mix with color, glitter/eye shadow minerals & clear topper - but it does really help suspend the glitter. I am not sure how to make the larger size glitters lay flat. Possibly floating medium would help with that as well. I know as sure you do too, I have bought polish with large glitter pieces that both do and others don't lay flat. I tend when I get the latter, to put them on my nail, use the brush to get them distributed as well as I can on the nail bed - then if need be still, I will press on any glitter flakes that are edging upward vs flat - I use a toothpick usually for that.

  2. i have that same problem when i try to do frankens..all my glitter goes to the bottom :(

    i really like ur last franken! its sooo pretty!

  3. I love the Beatles! So I love both of the frankens, but the second is definitely my favorite. And I love Forrest Gump! So I love that franken too! Great polishes! :)

  4. Fantastic job! Run forest run is gorgeous!

  5. I love Octopus Garden. Both - the song and your franken! :D

  6. I love the last polish! It is so pretty!

  7. Am loving that green! Seriously awesome sauce!

  8. VERY pretty green! Sorry you weren't happy with the first two :(

  9. Any nail polish about the Beatles is quality in my humble opinion u___u


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