Day 7: Black and White

7:45 PM Laura 13 Comments

**The contest/giveaway ends at noon this Saturday, guys!**

Before I start today's post, I want to ask you guys' opinion about something: Twitter. Specifically, in relation to blogging.

I know a lot of people have Twitters for their blogs because it's another way to get the word out and network with other bloggers. For any of you who have a blog Twitter, do you like it? Do you think it helps? I had a Twitter many moons ago, but I didn't really like it as a personal thing, because honestly, it's dumb. But I can see the use of it when it comes to companies, organizations, and blogs.

So do you think it's worth me making a Twitter? Tell me your thoughts!

Anywho, the challenge for today was black and white. Blah. Boring. But I did it anyway, because the challenge is to try new things! 

So I started with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and then I used my ghetto-chic dotting tool to make dots with Wet n Wild Black Creme.




You can probably tell that I wasn't really feeling this one because there are only three pictures of it. Yeah. Actually, I kind of sort of hated it. I couldn't think of any cool things to do with black and white! Urgh! If only I had been able to use ONE other color, and I think I could have made something awesome.

Although now that I think about it, you know what would have been really cool?

You are getting sleeeepy... *snores*

That would have been so awesome, if ridonkulously difficult and time-consuming. Grr! I hate how I always retrospectively come up with awesome things.

Come back for tomorrow's (hopefully) less fail-tacular challenge!


  1. I think it looks really cool!
    I don't know about the whole twitter thing. I was thinking of making one for my blog, too. But I just have no idea.

  2. Loved the 'Epic Fail' photo. Retrospect can bite you in the rear sometimes. :(

  3. I actually like it and the kitties! It's b/c i like high color contrast, but maybe a little too many polka-dots? zebra strips instead? (:

  4. I did the twitter thing recently, but I don't quite get it. So I don't see the point just yet. : /

  5. I can soooo tell u were not feeling this one ... love the pinky :-P and the epic fail pic.... awesome! ps .. I did like the creativity w ur dots

  6. this is a cool nails!! twitter is a nice way to connect with other bloggers, you should try it!

  7. Not a fan of Twitter or FB social media sites and really don't like bloggers who make it part of their rules to get more points in contests if you like them tweet about them. I am way too busy to follow what was on my social media sites and I see folks loosing writing skills who are addicted to Twitter and the short answers that can fit into FB responses. I personally dropped my sm site memberships. Tons of employers don't allow them because of all the wasted time employees spend looking constantly. It's very addictive. I really hate too that every company, commercial, movie - anything now has a FB and Twitter presence. Gads folks - we need to get work done in this world - move on. There is a life (and writing style) that needs work from what folks are loosing by growing up depending on social media for communication. I know many in the over 30 age group that have 'seen' this light also. I for one really resent when a contest is dependent on liking and tweeting, re-tweeting about someone just to get their chances up for a contest entry. For the person asking that it be done, it's quite self-servingly conceited I think. Just MHO of course. To each their own (at least in the US that is).

  8. Haha, poor kitties. I actually like the dots :)

    As for the Twitter thing, I was really reluctant to get on Twitter, myself. I don't have a personal Twitter account (never did), and don't plan on getting one. My blog account is useful for networking though, and I'm able to communicate with fellow bloggers and readers a lot more effectively through Twitter sometimes. I think I've cultivated better relationships since I got on Twitter, actually. It's also good for keeping up with corporate accounts (I like following Nordstrom :D). Plus, you can just press the "tweet" button at the bottom of your posts to tweet them, too. Ultimately it's up to you though, and whether you think you'll actually use your blog Twitter account. I wasn't sure that I would, but I figured I could always just delete it if I didn't end up using it.

    Now I have the opposite problem. I need to get back off of Twitter, lol!

  9. @Leslie: Well you'll have to tell me how it goes!

    @beachgal: I'm kind of on the fence. I don't really like social networking but let's face it, when you have a blog, you need to network with people! So I'll probably try it out.

    @Larie: Hmm, I think I'll try Twitter and see how it goes!

  10. Twitter is dumb imho ~_~ THIS ONE IS COOL. IT LOOKS MOD AND RETRO AND ME GUSTA??????


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