Day 15: Delicate Print

7:45 PM Laura 16 Comments

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So today's challenge is "delicate print" which is pretty vague but I figured I would just use something dainty and frilly from the stamping plates and use a pastel, which is why I started with

3 coats of Revlon Gumdrop.

I really wish I had another lilac, because this one is not the best. 3 coats is pushing it and it takes f  o  r  e v  e  r  to dry. It does smell faintly sweet but not noticeably so.

Now, for the "delicate print" I used plate BM20 and Milani Gold Lamé (maybe I should get another gold so that I don't have to type that accent. It's a lot of extra trouble).


Look! I got off my lazy sick bum and took a picture outside!

It's nice. I would definitely call it delicate. Although I don't like feeling so girly all day, but purple is better than pink. This would make nice wallpaper too...

Hmm. I don't have much to say about this one! I like it. I feel guilty when I'm not funny, but really not everything lends itself to hilarity! I do what I can. :)


  1. Very Pretty and very delicate. This mani makes me think of a spring wedding.

  2. Very pretty! I agree to me this is a nice, delicate design :)

  3. I like it a lot .... it does look delicate :-P

  4. It's ok, I forgive u... b/c ur sick.
    But once your better the humor better come back!!!
    Or I will protest and force u 2 b funny! ;)

  5. I really like it, it's so feminine& the colors go really well together.

  6. This would definitely make GREAT wallpaper!! Too frilly for me! Congrats on your 191 followers! Awesomeness!

  7. @Beauty by Crystal: It might make a cool bridesmaids' dress!

    @Meg: Grr it gets hard being funny all the time!

    @Fingers: Thank ya kindly!

  8. Love! I also love how you're contemplating a new gold so you don't have to type the accent! Lol.

  9. Love how unique it is! 3 coats sucks though.

  10. WOW holy COW these are fantastic.

  11. I love this stamp! I think the gold stamp looks so pretty over this lilac.


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