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First of all, I have to thank all of you. I love you so much! Thanks for following me. I created this blog completely spontaneously. I quickly became obsessed with nail blogs and for some reason I thought, "Hey, that looks like fun! Why don't I make one?" so I did. And now people actually READ it and COMMENT on it. That's amazing!

It's kind of like the "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Well, if a blog is created but no one ever reads it, do you get any enjoyment out of it? The answer is a big fat NO so thank you guys for making this fun.

This is going to be a two-part thank you: a contest and a giveaway. Let's start with the contest first.

I put up a poll to try to decide what kind of contest to have, and guess what? It's dead even. So I decided I'd do a frankenpolish contest because I know lots of people (like me) aren't blessed with artistic skills, and frankening is something fun that I think more people should get into!

Seeing as I just made a series of frankens inspired by The Breakfast Club, I thought it would be fun for you guys to make frankens that pay homage to your favorite movies!

So here are the rules for my As Seen in Theatres franken contest:

1. You must be a follower (via Google Friend Connect - I can't verify any other method of following) of my blog.

2. You must create a franken inspired by a movie. Just so we're clear, for anyone who might not know: a franken is a polish that you create yourself, usually by mixing store bought polishes together. The franken can be inspired by any aspect of the movie: the title, a character, the plot, etc. (In the franken, you can use: nail polish, color pigments [like eyeshadow], loose glitter, etc. If you have a question about what is allowed in your franken, email me or leave a comment on this post.)

3. Swatch your franken and take pictures of it to send me. DO NOT LAYER ANYTHING ON TOP OF YOUR FRANKEN! If your franken is sheer or a duochrome, you may layer it over a black or white creme but NO OTHER COLORS. If you have layered it over black or white, please tell me.

4. Email your entry to me at: lauram999@sbcglobal.net.
  • Up to three pictures of your franken. No, you may not collage ten pictures into one. You can include a bottle picture if you want, but it is not required.
  • The title of your franken, and the title of the movie that inspired you (if you named your franken the title of the movie, that's okay). It's okay if your movie is inspired by a series, you can just say so. If it's inspired by a specific movie from a series, indicate which one. If the movie has been remade, indicate which version you chose.
  • If you want to (though I do recommend this), you can include a short description of how the movie inspired you, or what aspect of the movie you were inspired by.
  • Tell me what you used in your franken. I don't need exact amounts (but if you know them then you can include them), but tell me what polishes/pigments/glitter you used.
  • Tell me your name (first name is okay, I don't need your last name unless you win) so I can credit you, and if you have a blog, you can include the URL and I'll post it with your entry. Also tell me what your GFC name is.
5. If you have a blog/tumblr/etc., please don't post any pictures of your franken before I post the entries here. That way, people who finish their frankens first won't be able to start lobbying for votes before other people have even made theirs.

6. If you have any questions about any of these rules, email me at lauram999@sbcglobal.net or leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen via popular vote. This contest closes at 11:59 pm on September 10th.

Phew! I hope I remembered everything. If I forgot something (since I've never done a contest before, I don't know if there's some rule I'm forgetting) please let me know!

Okay, now for the giveaway part. I know not everyone is going to want to make a franken (party poopers :P) so I want to give everyone a chance to win something even if you don't enter the contest.

Fill out the form RIGHT HERE!!! The first three questions are required, and will get you one entry. If you enter the As Seen in Theatres contest, you will get one extra entry.

So, there's going to be one contest winner (you guys will vote on that) and one giveaway winner (this will be random draw). I bet you want to see prizes now, eh?

Woohoo! Look at that bundle of goodies! It's going to be split up between two of you, though. Click on the picture to see it HUGE! Here's how the prizes are gonna divide up: The contest winner will get first choice on everything, and the giveaway winner gets everything else. Cool?

The contest winner will get to pick TWO of these LA Colors. From L to R, here are the choices: Magnetic Force, Glistening Purple, Aqua Crystals, and Radiation.

 The contest winner will get to choose ONE NYC. Big Money Frost or Purple Pizzazz Frost. Before you freak out: these are not actually frosts. They are shimmers. NYC had its finishes all mixed up, trust me. They labeled shimmers as cremes and all sorts of madness.

The contest winner will get to pick ONE OPI, Jade is the New Black or Lucerne-tainely Look Marvelous.

The contest winner will get to pick either Essie Trophy Wife or Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer Mangoes Loco.

And lastly, the contest winner will be able to pick either Herbacin Kamille glycerine hand cream or clay nail art oranges (think a la fimo) 

Just so we're clear: these prizes are all BRAND NEW. I have not used them or even opened them. 

The contest AND giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm on September 10th. That means you have three weeks to enter, so what are you waiting for?!?!



  1. Oh exciting! The gears in my frankenbrain are turning!

  2. You should specify whether it's the night of Sept. 10 or the 9th, so there's no confusion! Contests are fuRn. =)

  3. So exciting!! Congrats on the followers :) :)

  4. Man Laura you really put a lot of thought into this! That's really great! I hope you get a lot of traffic and new followers from this!

  5. @Leslie: Yay! I know you'll make something awesome.

    @Anna: Okay, I'll change it to 11:59 pm on Sept. 10th.

    @Katie: Thank you!!!

    @Fingers: I try, I try!

  6. I have no mixing skills :D I like seeing everyone else's franken creations, though, so I'm looking forward to that!

  7. Ahhh I'm excited!

    Should I attempt to make something that isnt brown, or should I give up now?

  8. @Larie: Aww you should at least try! It's fun!

    @Meg: Yes, you should try to make something that's not brown.

  9. I'm so gonna take part even though my frankens have turned out to be real monsters. :D

  10. Am I being obtuse and just not seeing the due date for the frankens? It's been a long day! 0_~ I may have to give it a whirl...!

  11. @Sandra: I'm sure you can do it! Practice makes perfect!

    @Rebecca: Oh, the deadline for the frankens is the same as the giveaway! I'll go edit the post and clarify that. :)

  12. Cant wait!! Such a great contest!

  13. I just found your blog through polishartaddiction. I would love to enter :) Maybe I missed it; but is this an international contest? Because I live in the Netherlands

  14. @JeeZ TrendZ: Thanks!

    @LimitedAddictionNails: Yes, it is open internationally!

    @Beauty and nail world: Okay, here's the simplest way I can think of to explain it:

    In the right hand column of this page, there should be a block of icons (these are people's GFC profile pictures) with a blue button that says "Join This Site" or "Follow With GFC." Click that button and then confirm that you are following. Sometimes Blogger is stupid and the followers and follow button doesn't show up at first. Refresh the page and then it should be there.

    I hope this makes sense!

  15. I'm working on my very first Franken just to enter your contest :-P I'm super duper duper excited about it!!! It's going to be FULL of awesomeness well in my eyes anyways buahahha


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