Color Club Wicked Sweet: Raspberry Rush

7:45 PM Laura 7 Comments

Okay so first I have to apologize for hideous swatch. I was exhausted and my nails, as previously established, look like crap.

So I'm kicking off the mini Wicked Sweet collection with Raspberry Rush.



Yeah... these were the only halfway decent pictures I had. It was just... ugh. This is two coats. It's much brighter in person and still has some VNL, but I like the juicy jelly look so I don't mind. The formula was good except it took F O R E V E R to dry. Luckily Out the Door took care of that. And it didn't get rid of the smell either, It smelled like... sweet. I don't know what real raspberries smell like, I've never sniffed them before, so... but it wasn't an obnoxious smell. Pretty subtle, I had to actually stick my fingers up under my nose to smell it.

This was also vaguely familiar. I realized it reminded me of Revlon Desire.

Desire on index and ring fingers, Raspberry Rush on middle and pinky finger.

As you can see, Raspberry Rush is much brighter, almost fluorescent. Desire has a much nicer formula, though. I think they're different enough for me to keep both, I'm not always going to be in the neon mood.

I know some people are super sensitive to smells, but I'm not unless they're overpowering. I'm curious, would smell deter you from a polish even if it was really pretty? 


  1. I've always wanted to try a scented polish, but they're not sold here. :/

  2. Man that is one bright color! And yes, a smell would deter me. I hate when lipglosses have a smell. And it always is vanilla or coconut-two smells I hate. So it would have to really be a super sensational color for me to put up with a smell to it. I would prefer no smell.

  3. I loving that color! :)
    It's super happyful and bright!
    Question- was the polish supposed to smell like raspberries?
    I think anyone who tried to change the terrible smell of nail polish is a genius b/c that stuff stinks!

  4. @Sandra: Oh noes! I bet shipping is awful. If I can find a second set of these maybe I can help!

    @Fingers: *Gasp* You hate COCONUT? OMG, we can't be friends anymore. Just kidding! Vanilla is kinda boring for me but I loooove tropical scents. Some things I like scented and some I don't, it's weird...

    @Meg: Yes, this is a very Meg color. And I'm assuming it was supposed to smell like raspberries since it's called Raspberry Rush. It kinda just smelled like sweet candy though. Maybe I can lend this to you!

  5. You've never eaten raspberries? Gah. And I still don't think these exist...I've STILL never seen them anywhere :P The color is really pretty though!

  6. @Larie: Well I've had them, I just haven't smelled them, lol. I got this set at Ross! They have mini Color Club sets sometimes.

  7. Scented nail polishes would be ... interesting. I feel like I would get sick of the smell if it was strong enough to smell from two feet away -_-


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