Breakfast Club Frankens: The Basket Case

8:52 PM Laura 11 Comments

Phew I've had a tiring day. But not too tiring to forget about my fabulous frankens!

Today we have The Basket Case

Yaaay bottle shots! This is in the sun

More sun


This one is inspired by Ally Sheedy's character, Allison.

Her goth/emo weirdness makes for some awesome polish.









Oh yes by the way CLICK ON THE PICTURES I FREAKING LOVE THIS THING. You can probably tell from all the photos. It's a charcoal gray with slight purple undertones and a silver shimmer/glitter. It's kind of like shimmer but kind of like glitter too. It's pretty cool. It reminds me of the dandruff she used to decorate her picture. Awesomesauce.

This is one coat, it looked opaque inside but when I stepped out in the sun I noticed some bald spots so it could really use two. The formula was pretty nice on this one. I'm so happy with the way it turned out! She just might be my favorite of the collection, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow to decide for yourself since we have one to go! Are you super duper excited? I AM!!!


  1. Ooooh, this one is definitely my favorite so far!!!

  2. I was thinking it would be awesome with some kind of large white glitter. Think the painted nail's moondrop.... That would make for really cool dandruff nails! Lol

  3. This color is awesome! I love the sparkly undertones when it's shining in the sun!!

  4. I was Goth in my past life- loved it! I miss those days! Anyway, you have outdone yourself with this color! Another triumph! I want this one as well!

    What's your poison? Vodka
    Yes I always wear this much sh*t on my eyes
    They ignore me.

  5. That's exactly the color I need! It's great!

  6. @Larie: Yay! I really love this one.

    @Leslie: I might tinker with it a little more, but right now I'm experimenting with what glitter melts or not.

    @Emily: Thank you, me too!

    @Fingers: Yay! Quotealicious.

    @Sandra: Thank you very much!

  7. Flakies or iridescent hex glitter might make a nice addition for version 2. :)

  8. @KarenD: I'm just kind of worried about upsetting the delicate balance... You know how something looks good and then you just keep going and all of a sudden it's ruined? Yeah, I'm afraid of that!

    @Vintage: Thank you dear!

  9. This is pretty! It reminds me of like
    Chrome or something. You're making me want to watch the breakfast club hhhnng
    Anyway, one thing about your blog theme at the moment - the link text is too light at the top in my opinion - I can't see the links to your posts. And the flower is only there once! Just tryin to halp, brosef!!

  10. Gfff I finally pick a theme I like and you want to be annoying about it. Gosh.


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