Zoya Crystal

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Today I have quite the hottie for you. A hottie for whom I have forgotten the bottle shot, so let's skip to the pics. This is Zoya Crystal.


shade (click to see the awesome gold flecks)


sun (you should most definitely click on this)



This is either 2 or 3 coats. I think it's 3, I did them really thin, so you could probably get away with two thicker ones.

Anyway, Crystal is a gorgeous ice blue polish packed with gold flecks. I'm not sure about the finish, but personally I would say it's foil-y. She is sparkly and awesome in the sun. She's uber-flattering and very interesting.

Formula-wise, she was a little sheerer than I would have liked, but still beautiful. Other than that I had no issues with application.

I think that pretty much says it all. She doesn't require many words, her beauty speaks for itself!


  1. Its pretty, but there r too many gold sparkles... it seems 1/2 blue and 1/2 gold... but i still like it :)

  2. This is a coincidence. Another blogger I don't follow but rarely when I pick up along the blog roll and click off to them, wrote and photoed Crystal yesterday. No offense to the other blogger, but your photos capture Crystal much better.

  3. Very Nice! I love Zoya polishes!

  4. Loving the shade, it's so nice!

  5. Me likie! :) Lately I've been making my own colors (with eye shadow and clear or nude polish) You should try it!

  6. @Meg: I like it! I never thought you'd want something to have less sparkles...

    @beachgal: Aww, thank you!

    @Vintage: That is totally frankening, omg! You should enter my contest!

  7. This is another one of those that I keep meaning to pick up, but never do! Damnit.


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