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Today's lacquer is fabulous. I have to take a moment to wax poetic about how much I love Zoya.

First of all, Zoya is a cool name. Second, they have a unique, eye-pleasing bottle shape. But the most important thing is that they make tons of unique, beautiful colors that I've never seen dupes for.
Today we'll be meeting Valerie.
Sun (I know you want to click)

Sun (there's some awesome shimmer in there)
Sun (seriously. It's gorgeous)



Isn't she gooorgeous? *swoon* This is one good-lord-can-a-color-really-pack-this-much-punch-check-my-pulse-because-I-think-I-may-have-gone-to-heaven FABULOUS coat. Valerie has a dark, eggplant purple base but is packed with tons of gold and maroon/magenta microglitter. She is glowy and radiant and ever-so-stylish. She is perfect.

Also, the wonderful Fingers sent me a beautiful extra, Barielle Hidden Hideaway (redundant much?). I was struck by the similarity between it and the lovely Valerie, so I whipped up a comparison for you guys. I did this on my right hand, so I apologize for the awkward posing because for some reason I cannot get my right hand to hold the bottle properly.

Sun. From L to R: Valerie (one coat), HH (two coats), Valerie, HH

They look slightly much more similar than this in the sunlight. Both glowy and purple and fabulous.
Shade. Valerie, HH, Valerie, HH
Lamplight. Valerie, HH, Valerie, HH. This position is much more comfortable!

However, in the shade and any other lighting that is not blinding sunlight, the differences are clear. Hidden Hideaway is most definitely darker than Valerie. I actually think they have the same base color, but Valerie is absolutely packed with microglitter while Hidden Hideaway has a lesser amount of finer shimmer. Hidden Hideaway is like Valerie's older goth cousin. Both are gorgeous, and different enough for me to own and love each of them.
Tell me what you think! BTdubbs, I am LOVING how many comments I am getting. It feels like yesterday where I would get maybe two comments on a post. Way to represent, homedawgs!


  1. What a GORGEOUS polish! Need it. NOW!

  2. This looks awesome! Love it!!

  3. Yum!! This polish looks great on you!!

  4. Valerie is a beaute! Great comparison, and I also share your love for zoya .

  5. I'm glad you like the color I sent! Sorry it's something similar to one you had already! These colors are really pretty!

  6. These are both so gorgeous. I've been getting really into purple polishes lately. :D

  7. ...why do I have no money at the moment. ._.' Ooh, btw Laura maybe you can help me :O! This autumn I'm on the hunt for a deep wine red polish with no gimmicks like shimmer etc with a slight raspberry tone to it, but still dark. Reckon it's even possible?

  8. I love Valerie, I own 2 Zoya polishes and its very strange, every time I go to the store and I see them I pass them by IDK why.. mmmm BUT i sooo want this one! So pretty

  9. Ummm - been so much hub over Valerie and the new Zoya release in the Mirrors collection - Jem being dups (I see a difference in them and like on me Jem better than Val)...but this is the first anyone I know has pointed out the similarity sans all the packed glitter in Val to Barielle's HH! Good eye!

  10. Valerie is on my Zoya wishlist! It's so pretty :) And thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Zoya for their pleasing bottle shape :P

  11. @Fingers: They are definitely different enough! Not to mention they are both gorgeous and I could have buckets of this color and still never enough.

    @Naomi: I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I will definitely keep it in the back of my mind at all times!

    @beachgal: Thanks! I don't often run into similar polishes within my stash so when I do I always compare!

  12. Velerie is one gorgeous polish ! I don't own any Zoyas for some reason, but I really need to change that.

  13. This one's amazing, great for autumn :) Do you use Zoya base coat (or any other) before applying the actual polish? I have it and use it, but I'm not really sure whether it really works.


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