Breakfast Club Frankens: The Brain

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Before I forget, to anyone who's given me an award recently: I haven't ignored it, I'm just going to bundle them into a post after I finish up with the franken series. I just didn't want you think I didn't care. ;)

Now that I've got that out of the way, here's our next franken in the series. I forgot to take a normal bottle shot, oops. But here's what I have:

Click to see the shimmahhh

It was inspired by Anthony Michael Hall's character, Brian.

Yep, his dazed look pretty much says it all.

You may also remember that under that jacket he was wearing a dark green sweater. And so, as it goes, his polish is green too. Yeah I know, it seems like I'm just basing these frankens off of the characters' clothing, not their personality, but if you didn't notice their clothes kind of reflected their personality. It was a movie all about stereotypes and how the kids made snap judgements about each other based on how they looked. So really, these frankens are a representation of how they project themselves based on their personality.

Oh snap. I just went all psychoanalysis on you. Word.

The Brain is a little bumpy because of eyeshadow pigment, but it's not too bad. And he's the brain. Come on. He's not exactly studly.

BTW, in case you didn't get the hint already, you should click EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. You might miss some awesome SHIMMER.










The Full Effect. (yes, it needs to be capitalized. I decided this was more flattering than the other pose, which made my fingers look fat. And yes, that is my dog being spazzy in the bottom corner)

This was a one coater! *Pats self on back* Application was a little difficult but mostly because the Wet n Wild brush was all wonky and too splayed. The eyeshadow clumps are annoying but I added two ballz so I don't know what else I can do.

I have been debating for a long time about what color this is. Um, are you thick? I know you're thinking. It's freaking green, Laura. That isn't my dilemma. I can't tell if it's hunter green, forest green, evergreen, moss green, or any other green. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to call it sweater green since it's the color of Brian's sweater. It's got some gold and other random shimmer, IDK, I didn't have much of a direction with this other than it needed to be sweater green. But I'm happy with how it turned out. I think it's very Brian-y.

Here is the esteemed recipe:

And that, my friends, is the end of today's post. I'm having a lot of fun showing you guys my creations! I hope you're enjoying them too. :D


  1. I really like this "sweater green" .... :-P I suck at describing colors .. formulas... finishes etc etc etc ..... so I would call it green w shimmaaahhh!

  2. Dude- what's with the background change? Am I in the twilight zone? I love love this green but it's not hunter, forest or moss because of the blue in it. My brain isn't working yet this morning so I'll get back to you about what green this is! Maybe a dark sea foam?

    What if your dope was on fire? Impossible sir, it's in Johnsons underpants!

  3. @Polish Amor: Hehe I approve!

    @Fingers: I get bored with backgrounds so I change it up a lot. But I think I really like this one. I hope you can solve the green mystery. Not to mention that's probably in my top five Breakfast Club quotes.


    -check out this page! Am thinking its a pine green or a sea green or a dark teal I like pine green!

    If you ever cook up a great big batch-I'll take one.

    Why do you need a fake license? So I can vote!

  5. I like this background!!! Very pretty. And yay for a doggie cameo :) I like the green; it reminds me of Zoya Gemma (just the base color, not the shimmer etc), though I think maybe this has more blue in it. It's pretty! I love greens, but they don't look so good against my skin tone :(

  6. Very nice! I'm thinking it's a pine green. :)

  7. @Fingers and KarenD: Hmmm. I don't know if it's blue enough. Maybe sea green or dark spring green. But I'm pretty sure half of those greens are made up.

    @Larie: Aw, that's okay. I can't wear oranges at all.

  8. This is lovely! Very simple ~


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