My Nails Look Like Crap

7:45 PM Laura 9 Comments


Click on it if you want to see all the gory details. It's like a horror story, right? It's from doing pottery. Not a very nail-friendly task. So all these swatches for the next three days are going to feature hideous nails. You've been warned.

Today's feature presentation is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Raspberry Race. A kind lady on MUA told me this was a dupe for Essie Splash of Grenadine which I've been lusting after for a while now.




Yeah, all the pictures looked like crap so I did the best I could. This is only one coat. I'm sure it would look much nicer if my nails were in better shape, but it was still great. Totally killed my lemming, I love the color. The formula was nice but I freaking hate the brush. Sally Hansen must have gigantic nails, because the brushes are like paddles. They also have a rectangular stem so you can't wipe off the excess on the round bottle lip. It's basic geometry, or something. It's pretty annoying. 

But since the color is great, all is forgiven. Here's a bonus cat picture:

D'awww Pearly girly. She's my widdle baby.

What's the worst trauma your nails have experienced?

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  1. Oh now come on, that color is very pretty. Be glad you don't have my nails! They look terrible no matter WHAT condition they're in.

  2. Really nice color and great coverage for one coat.
    PS. Your cat is so cute! :D

  3. Not sure if you're ready for this! Back in the 90s while I was in nursing school, I got plantar warts under ALL of my nails. After several unsuccessful freezing treatments, they lasered off all my fingernails. I had bandages for weeks. My left hand (my blog pic hand) grew back in ok. But my right hand has 2 nails that grew back in funny and crooked. I warned you!

    Cute cat! And yes your nails look scary! A few more layers of polish will cover that up. Plus try ridge filler! Congrats on your followers!

  4. @Sonia: She's not fat! I mean... well she's not skinny... but DON'T YOU SULLY HER HONOR.

    @Sandra: Thank you :D Pearl says thank you too.

    @Fingers: Ouchhh. I keep meaning to get ridge filler and every time I go out I totally forget it. Sigh...

  5. I like the color! And your nails are fine. I rock climb...yeah. That'll also do a number on your nails :P

  6. Ouch on the nails. The color is beautiful though. I completely agree with the brushes. Way too big!

  7. Eh your nails aren't too bad! Love the purple shade on you, it's oddly similar to the nail polish I'm currently wearing. :)

  8. @Larie: Ouchies. Mine are recuperating now.. I just need to get a good ridgefiller!

    @Brittany, Jen, and Ericka: It's like trying to paint with Rapunzel's hair... it's ridiculous.

    @Vintage: Ooh yay! Nail twinnies!

  9. I neeeeeeeed that colour *-* Worst trauma? Probably acrylics! Although I am now growing out the thin, horrible nastiness. <3 Never wearing them again, ewewew.


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